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A new poster on the series of BATMAN movies I am designing in ART DECO style

BATMAN (1989) it´s my personal favorite movie of the old franchise , it`s also the First film I ever saw on theathers, andI think has a very unique style very different from the rest.

I used some dark and grittier tones for this poster, and some golden to highlight some features.
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Love the old school feel … reminds me of the Animated Series. 
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thanks... and you haven`t seen nothing yet...I´m working on something based on  BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES
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Cool! Let me know when you post it!
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Like I said on you Superman piece, this is amazing stuff. The style here really matches the movie - I almost expect to hear Danny Elfman's score, looking at this.
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That art is incredibly awesome, but it also has one major issue: because the link is broken, I can't throw my money at it.
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hi i am trying to get into that link you have there, it isnt working for me and i would love to buy this poster, could you please help, maybe there is something wrong with my computer, thanks
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Hi there , currently the poster sold out! but there are negotiations or printing them again, I`ll keep you updated :)
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il est fort magnifique =)
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Sorry, this just reminded me of Batman: TAS in the most delightful ways. Moreover, it links perfectly with the 1989 film.
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thank you very much :D
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WOW! This is bloody brilliant! It sums up EVERYTHING about the film in just five words! And it looks epic, too!
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Glad I picked up a print of this when I had the chance. It fits the dark feel of the Burton movie perfectly. Outstanding job!
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You know, it's still my favourite Batman movie too, and a big part is the visual style--which is why I also like the earlier seasons of "Batman: The Animated Series" better before it became "The New Adventures of Batman and Robin" and the art style WAY changed. I also just like the feel of this movie--not as campy as the other '90s-ish Batman movies eventually became, but retaining _some_ sense of humour. The newer movies...they're cool, but there's such a thing as TOO dark, too gritty. A line between respecting the characters and taking them _too_ seriously. These are _superhero comic books_, people. Lighten up!
/rant mode. (And really, my rant is directed towards the trend for EVEYRTHING to become Dark and Edgy these days...)

Sorry about that. But seriously, awesome poster, and this is easily still my favourite Batman movie, too. :)

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Thank you very much for you comments...very much appreciated :giggle:
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Oooh, I like the difference between the posters for the Nolan films and this one. The Nolan films were much cleaner and sharper, while this is more gritty and shadowy, which totally suits the movie. The crumbling, gothic-ish Gotham skyline in particular really makes a lot of difference. Excellent job!
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Love art deco style...Ive been working on trying to find a good tutorial a guide into this you have any tips?
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yep..I`ll send you a note :)
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Kakashi beat me to it....I'd love to read a decent tut on Art Deco.

Thanks for your consideration.
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As you can see me love The Batman!!! great works
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