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Yes, I`m perfectly aware that BATMAN & ROBIN movie SUCKS (and it sucks big time, more than anything in fact!) but, I`m making this series of art deco posters based on Batman films franchise, so it would have been incomplete without this one.
So I tried my best to represent the two heroes in a more dignified way than they are portrayed in the movie (and for god`s sake remove that bat nipples) :).

So there it is...You know you can check more of this series in my gallery right here : [link]

BATMAN AND ROBIN are character property of DC comics and the movie is property of warner bros.
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LOVE your Art Deco-themed Superhero stuff!
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Saying the movie sucks is your opinion but this was my first batman movie as a kid. I still like this and batman forever despite its flaws. And honestly I honestly can't see anyone else doing mr freeze(Please tell me who you think should) or riddler(you have to admit Jim carrey nailed riddler and Leo decaprio was gonna do him in dkr)
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How didya use this font? And how does one use it?

I know the questions are annoying, sorry!
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DONT WORRY :D well here is a detailed tutorial of how you can download and use a font:

I dont know if that answered your question?:)
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It did :D!
Thank You
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What kind of font did you use and where can I get it
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the Font is called TALL DECO :) and you can find it here : [link]
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Great poster! Horrid movie!
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LOL very , very true---horrible film :P thanks for watching :)
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I like that it subtly hints at Mr. Freeze being in it, what with the white Batman and the snow falling.
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Great Posters!
And yes: This fil SUCKS.
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