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This was an entry to a contest at FN called "Caricature Paintings". The rules required that we take any famous art work (painting, drawing, fresco) and turn it into caricature. I chose a classic, George Washington. It didn't do so well in the contest. It came in 4th :(.
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Fourth??? Superb!
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It's really fun, great work :aww:
In the same kind of illustration with a famous art work, you should look at the illustrations of Ryan Wood ([link]) and his friend Sam Nielson ([link]).
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Yes, he's very talented.
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Well, despite coming in fourth, I think it's a winner. Very well done!
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I really like it. photo manipulation?
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Thanks! Yes, it's photo manipulation. Here's a work in progress animation: [link]
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Wow!! Nice work. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
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You even managed to insert the texture of the canvas, nice!
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Haha! Funny! ^^
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wow!!! thats so good mate..
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great work :clap: this is great my sweet friend. It is done so well and it still looks painted. I congratulate you. I say it again you are talented :clap: :clap:
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Thanks friend!!!
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One man's '4th' is another man's '1st'! WINK. EXCELLENT work! (Even though George was OUR FIRST Prez', HE ONLY got his face on the ONE DOLLAR bill while others got FAR more value! ... So, even HE was CHEATED!. GRINS).
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Hahahaha, thanks!
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