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By Inspector97:  The Question and the Riddler by Rodlox By Inspector97: The Question and the Riddler :iconrodlox:Rodlox 13 1 Tsuyu with her tongue using a ninja weapon by Rodlox Tsuyu with her tongue using a ninja weapon :iconrodlox:Rodlox 1 0 Tsuyu as Maul by Rodlox Tsuyu as Maul :iconrodlox:Rodlox 3 0 Tsua by Rodlox Tsua :iconrodlox:Rodlox 4 0 some further thoughts about the living biplanes' by Rodlox some further thoughts about the living biplanes' :iconrodlox:Rodlox 0 0 Placid Plants by Rodlox Placid Plants :iconrodlox:Rodlox 1 0 Basics of biplane-based animals by Rodlox Basics of biplane-based animals :iconrodlox:Rodlox 6 0 Eargliders by Rodlox Eargliders :iconrodlox:Rodlox 4 0 Earbears and kin by Rodlox Earbears and kin :iconrodlox:Rodlox 2 0 Step Four by Rodlox Step Four :iconrodlox:Rodlox 2 0 Combined steps 1-3 by Rodlox Combined steps 1-3 :iconrodlox:Rodlox 0 0 Noboar by Rodlox Noboar :iconrodlox:Rodlox 1 0 Putti by Rodlox Putti :iconrodlox:Rodlox 2 0 Poison Ivies by Rodlox Poison Ivies :iconrodlox:Rodlox 3 0 Jade by Rodlox Jade :iconrodlox:Rodlox 0 0 Beaked Whale orcs by Rodlox Beaked Whale orcs :iconrodlox:Rodlox 5 3


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By Inspector97: The Question and the Riddler
Some time ago, I commissioned #Inspector97 Inspector97  to create a meeting between The Riddler and The Question (Montoya)...this is the fine work that resulted.

Very recently, I was made aware of the passing of Mr. Steve Ditko, the creator of The Question, Spiderman, and various other characters.
So I figured that, even if I'd made a hash of posting this before, I would definitely post it now.

Thank you, Inspector97, for your role in this.  And thank you, Mr. Ditko, for yours as well - your creations have enriched us all; may your name be for a blessing.
Tsuyu with her tongue using a ninja weapon
Number 1 was my jotting down an idea without using any references - the goggles, the weapon that the Ninja Turtle Raphael uses when he doesn't have his sai(s), or Tsuyu Asui herself.

Then I went to youtube for a reference, but this time I used a freezeframe where she's not facing the right way or with her arms and hands in the position I wanted to draw - it was more to see the proportions and locations...such as where the straps came together, or finger length, or where the goggles sit on her head.

3 & 4 & 5 were jotting down on-screen elements to help get the proportions right...though even that doesn't always work, as the index & pinky fingers of 3 demonstrate.  :)   But they did give me the idea for

6, which is based on the principle that its canon that Tsuyu Asui can hold things with her I put the hand weapon in her tongue.  Which led to

7, wherein she's using one hand to hold on to a pipe or something above her head, while gripping the weapon with her tongue.  (Can she shoot out her tongue at someone, when the tongue is already out to some degree?)

8 was just my being silly...I thought "she has a frog tongue - what if someone had three frog heads: corresponding to the actual head, a right arm, and a left arm - and they each have that sort of supertongue".
Tsuyu as Maul
This image has a somewhat longer origin story than my previous image of Tsuyu Asui  (here… )

I was remembering how one fan remarked that, unlike in many fandoms, Tsuyu Asui had no near-identical equivilents in other fandoms...unlike how fans like to compare who is nearly a carbon copy in DC vs Marvel

...and then someone mentioned Toad, from X-Men.

...and I recalled that the actor who portrayed Toad, also portrayed Darth Maul in a few of the Star Wars universe's programs. I had the idea of having Tsuyu Asui wearing facepaint to look like Maul.  not sure if this is for Halloween, or for "may the fourth be with you" or what.  

yes, now, granted, there are sentient frogs in fandoms - Street Frogs   ...and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back in - the 90s? - ....but there is a very big gap in how froglike either of those are, from how froglike Tsuyu Asui is.
I've heard a lot about a show called My Hero Academia (no relation to My Hero, so you know)...but I haven't been able to get it on any form of I ultimately and recently went to youtube to see what the show was like.

One of my first thoughts was to be reminded of the old challenge "can you stick out your tongue and touch the top of your head?"...which would be, as was once said, easy-peasy for Tsuyu Asui  (Asui Tsuyu?)
for her, the question isn't "can she do it?"...rather, the question is "does she want to?"

My references can be found at the following:
1:44 on Tripl-L's video here
0:53 on Hato_Kxrtsu's video here


United States

I’m afraid I don’t understand how there’s going to be a civil war in the Marvel universe, at least not on movie theaters…

HYDRA’s exposed and on the run.

Everyone on Earth already knows the secret identities of every Avenger (and SHIELD member) with the exception of Falcon, Ant-Man, Wasp, and Vision.

…so the “no more secrets, everyone reveals themselves” match is no longer there to set the Avengers aflame into a civil war.

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