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Clexa wedding

By Rodinas
Clexa wedding <3 A little gift for Clexakru, our heda and wanheda
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Beautiful art!

Read this fanfic, it'll make you feel good:…
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I'm tears! That is so beautiful, you're so talented
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Yes XD that is a sign of their oath *__*
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Why am I crying? This is what could have been but now never to be. I love it. You are very talented!
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Thanks! Really thanks!
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This is what we should've had! It made me tear up a little. Thank you for creating it :ahoy:
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I think the same! Thanks for your kindness :hug: I'm glad that my art have made you feel something of positive. Thank you too to appreciate my work! I have made some others Lexa/Clexa drawing, me and my girl are really involved with this fandom :D
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The ultimate if only it happened moment. Love it. Great work :)
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Really thanks! I'm glad that you loved it >__<
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You are very welcome :)
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Oh wow! That is beautiful!!! Amazing! Makes me want to cry cause it is so beautiful and it brings back painful reminders! Thank you for drawing this it is amazing!!!!
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Really thanks! I'm glad that my art let you have some feels ^__^
I've drawn this piece for the Clexa fandom because Clarke and Lexa deserved more better than what they received.
This is simply my headcanon of an eventual wedding with them. :hug:
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Yes! Thank You! I love it! 
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You are welcome! I'm glad you loved it >__< :huggle:
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I really do! I'm kinda Clexa trash!
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Me and my gurl are too! XD I love this fandom :hug:
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haha awesome. Me too!
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I liked that show until 3x07. Continued to watch until the 3rd lever pull to save the world. So thoroughly done with this show.

Still very good art. Won't fix my broken heart but helps a little.
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