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August 17, 2007
The Dragon by *Rodier is just simply amazing! The colors and detail blow my mind every time I look at it, full view and a long stare are necessary for this one! Soak all those little details in - truly a fantastic work of art!
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The Dragon

Hey there people, its been a while.

Watching tip: if you're lucky to have some 3d glasses, please, be my guest and put them over ur eyes. Its not a 3d piece at all.... its just that with the 3d glasses u can see some real kickass color combinations (comic style).

im off to bed.

fs&cs always welcome.
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Dragons-Roar0's avatar
I'm sorry but this is just freaking crazy good
Oa515's avatar
This art has been chosen as a PERFECT Abstract in [link]
Keatulie's avatar
That is insanely beautiful. It's perfect, not to busy and the choice of colours is nice to look at!
The yellow border really completes it.
Franciscathedragon's avatar
wow! you're right, this does look awesome with 3D glasses. awesome work
Zitozu's avatar
lol, quite colorful. :D
xRoYalFiShx's avatar
Colorful and epic :'D
RazloTheTriPunisher's avatar
I'm loving this pic, you have any prints for sale?
Spudfuzz's avatar
That is so cool. o_o
UJz's avatar
Great art,
If you don't mind join our group at [link] it'd be great to have you.
iGraiy's avatar
Perfect, love the feathers
zoran3000's avatar
Kuume's avatar
Hi. This piece has been featured in my article "Powerful Orange". ^^ [link]
NoodleRubber's avatar
Definitely inspiring!
milepinkfloyd's avatar
Amazing colors, great work! it's stunnig
OnyxDragonFilms's avatar
Wow this messes with my head. I love it, though. The colors especially.
LolaBabe's avatar
This is def. hawt. i freakin want this.
Rodier's avatar
LolaBabe's avatar
omg, thankx. lol.
mohd90's avatar
wow man ! gr8 work
i like it
TheManWithoutATail's avatar
Wow! I love the colors. It's amazing.
kuzzeyesedsoe's avatar
Holy fucking shit, my brain just came.
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