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Wizards and Wands Page 16

You can tell who the real powerful gamers are by the size of their appetite.

If you encounter someone of Emma's caliber, you should run.

Harry Potter and all related media is the cash cow of Warner Bros, Scholastic Books, and JK Rowling. This is a non-profit fan-based satire, the story and concept of which belongs to *Rodie-The-Nightblade and ~Squeejee09. All rights belong to the respective owners. But our satirical story is still cooler than the original.
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Grand Line 3.5 covers when a noob meets pros rather well.
Phil: Don'tcha think the amount of food Luffy and Zoro are eating is kinda unrealistic?
Cory: Hey. Back. Picked up three buckets of KFC, tacos, some burgers, hot pockets, Doritos, and half-off sushi. Oh, and those ten bags of Skittles you asked for, GM.
Phil: Holy shit.
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hahaha, she makes me feel likes a noob if your appetite matters ;A;
Rodie-the-Nightblade's avatar
It's okay, someday you'll eat like Goku too =D
nekorandomnessqueen's avatar
Yeah. I'd do pretty much the same if I was sent out to get the food. :V
Rodie-the-Nightblade's avatar
Ahaha, then you're the kinda chick I'd want to date :V
nekorandomnessqueen's avatar
Rodie-the-Nightblade's avatar
What a coincidence, I'm taken by your wit and charm~!

Ahaha I'm messin with ya, I should hope you've found love, it's a wonderful thing
nekorandomnessqueen's avatar
Yeah, it really is. 83
NaturesRose's avatar
The boys are so disturbed XD .
Rodie-the-Nightblade's avatar
I'd ask this chick to marry me. I dunno about them XD
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