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How to Make BJD Dresses

By RodianAngel
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For :iconchibichibiusa:!!! And I am very, very sorry that it's so very, very late, and I really hope it helps, though I branched out to other dress types too.
Have to post and run! Ack, busy today!! D: 
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I love this. When I make a strapless top for my doll, it doesn't sit over her boobs, the dress sorta just sticks out and looks kinda stupid. As if her boobs are in the way lol 
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Thanks! I know, it's really hard with curvy girls, that's one of the reasons I like to cheat and use stretchy material all the time. XD It conforms a lot better than cotton or something with no give at all. However I'm in the process of making Theorie a dress for Halloween that doesn't stretch at all, so I had to do several darts in the bodice to get it to lay correctly. Argh, girlish figures are just so hard to sew for. XP
I'm glad it's useful for you though! :D
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Ha fair enough. I find it hard to sew wiyh stretchy material sometimes thats why I go with cotton or less stretchy material.
Yeah making darts in cotton dresses is probably the best way to make the damn thing fit.
Girlish figures will always be a pain to sew for. Lol
Thankd for other tutorials as well.
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I love it (me and my sister tried to make a dress for my girl and well.... it turned out ok but I ended up having to tie the back with a rubber band to make it work XD)
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Thank you! :D
And believe me, I know how that feels XD A dress just keeps failing and failing, so I finally decide 'heck with it!' and tie it in place. Nowadays I try to at least add a snap if I can get up the energy to. :lol:
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Yay, another one! Cx
This is amazing, thanks for making it! Cx
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:dance: No problem! Glad you like it! 
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How handy!! I love your tutorials- you explain things so well!
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Thank you! :D I always have my mom proofread it first though, so the clarity is thanks to her. XD She even asked me if people would know what a 'wonky triangle' was, but I decided to leave it anyway. :lol:
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Thanks you ! :D
RodianAngel's avatar
:D No problem! X) Good luck if you decide to make anything!
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You make things look simple in your tutorials! I want to try this!!
RodianAngel's avatar
:dance: Thank you! I'd love to see anything you made. I swear, all your BJDs are so gorgeous. :love:
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I'm collecting your tutorials in a folder and I cant wait to start sewing things for my dolls! I'm specially excited to try the bras! :} 
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Oh wow... it looks so simple when you do it lol.
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Thank you! It doesn't feel simple at first...:faint: But after 11-some years of practice it gets better! XD
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Very cute! Maybe I will make my boy some pretty black dresses to wear. XD 
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You are welcome. ^_^
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