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Zelda fanart
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Insert Orga roar here
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In my opinion, the fight is actually better in the 3d version. In the original, all Twinmold does is blindly roam around the arena. The only time it can actually hurt you is if it accidentally bumps into you. And making you collect the Giant's Mask mid-battle was genius in the 3d version. My only complaint about the 3d fight is the  giant...eye that just pops right out of its mouth. They should've made it a tongue or something. All-in-all still a good fight. Congrats on the brilliant painting too. It looks like official concept art from the game itself. 
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this is beyond cool :clap: just a fun boss battle
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For a moment when I opened this up I just kind of.... like my gut clenched up and I could only kind of "....uohhg...."

Oh my gosh, this giant.... insectoid.... creature has never seemed more nightmarish to me. Gads, what unholy creature gave birth to that thing??

Agh, beautiful lighting, the sand cast up in the air, and I love how his body trails away into the hazy hazy distance....

Thank you for this nightmare fuel tonight.
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does anyone else think of attack on titan when looking at this?
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Ho. Ly. CRAP! This is probably the best and most terrifying Twinmold I've ever seen. The detail is amazing, especially on the mouth (that gave me the creeps when I saw the thumbnail :o) And this is kind of hard for me to explain, but I like how the horns look like they've grown out of its head.
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Whoa, very nicely done!
I love all the detail that's gone into the piece...I love everything from the positioning, the shading, and your view, as well! Nice job!
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How does link do it?!?, I would cry if I saw something like that coming towards me. Guess this is why he receives the Triforce of Courage.
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That scale! Holy Christ!
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I love the detail and the camera angle.
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great imagination ...hmmm 
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That monster is too big.
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Get unlimited magic and just roll around as a goron for as long as you like till they're dead, good times
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incredible work ! :wow:
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That is just intense! :D
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Terrific piece you've painted! The textures on the creature are amazing! :clap:
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Oh man, that is epic! The details on it make it look absolutely terrifying! And I love the depth on this pic. Really emphasizes the massive size of that giant beast. Awesome stuff! :worship:
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This looks excellent, but the many details you put into your artwork are hard to see in such a small version.
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I like it. Now Link should say 'You shall not pass.' to the creature.
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Woah this is one of the best pieces I've seen yet
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Omg is this zelda? Its epic
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