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Rolex Oyster

A Rolex Oyster Perpetual for the Windows Sidebar.

Thanks to bratini for pointing me out to the image (taken from

Extract the .zip file and run the . gadget file to install.


1- got rid of the options window and clock naming to make the clock lighter in size.

2- made the second hand movement continuous .

3- gave it a new chrome frame for looks.
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thanks for sharing
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If you like I sent you an invitation to post your fantastic work in the group: [link] you're really good! congratulations:lolly:
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yesss! great work :D
beautiful, but eats CPU like a mothafu**a
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doesnt work for me.. (I've got win7 hp 32bit..)
This gadget don't work in Windows Vista with SP2, after installing it you only got a little white box, but no watch there.
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Reviewed the gadget package, sometimes it has to do with your language settings. The gadget is optimized to work in english russian and spanish systems running at least vista sp1. If that is not your case, sorry, I'll try to update the gadget in the future, time permitting.
Matey, I'm from Spain, so my computer has the Vista in Spanish. We can talk in Spanish if you want.
My vista has all updated, the last updates from Windows Update and it's brand new, so I don't think the language would be the problem?
Or perhaps when you say spanish are you meaning Spanish from South America?
My computer is setup as traditional Spanish from Spain, I think Microsoft makes differences between South America spanish and spanish from Spain.
If you could update the gadgets, that would be wonderful, cos your watches are unique.
Curiosly with Clocktopia 6.0 I don't have any problem.
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my laptop is wearing rolex! cool...
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I'm glad it is... and love your lips too! Enjoy!
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oops, sorry! that's not my picture...:(
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Great work man. :)
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i cant find the .gadget file
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It was wrongly packaged, I had that issue with some of my gadgets, on this one now it's fixed. feel free to download and unzip.
Thank you, the gadget is excellent
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You're welcome.
I do have Vista installed
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I have fixed the file so you only have to run the .gadget file once you unzip the download.
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is a gadget for the windows sidebar, you have to have vista installed. tested and works fine.
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runs just fine on XP as well :-)
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