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Omega Seamaster Blue

Omega Seamaster Mod, done by request.

Update: added small chrome rim to the clock to improve appereance.

Update 2: made the center dot smaller.
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How do i get it?
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-Download file
-decompress file
-double click on extraction
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Love it. I just got a Seamaster so I think it's awesome you've given me the opportunity to sport it on my desktop as well. Cheers man!
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Really nice thanks
If you do something similar to this modelled on the Speedmaster I will love you.
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I had the time so here it is... thanks is enough, love is optional. enjoy!
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Just what I was looking for! I have this watch on my wrist and now on the desktop also! =)

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Amazing working with custom Vista clocks!

Thank you.
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you're welcome and I thank you back for your comment.
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Very Nice Design...
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Nice! Could you make it about twice the size though? I'm running on a pretty high resolution and it would be so hot if it was twice the size. Please?
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I'm conforming with the standard size for the sidebar clock which is 130 x 130 pixels. Don't think I can make it bigger. Nice thought for higer resolution monitors anyway.
Nice i like it
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