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Clocktopia 6.0

By rodfdez
Another one in the Clocktopia series, this time with a selection of 18... yes! 18 clocks to choose from.
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Amazing watches, I likes them but has no money to buy all the ones I likes so with your widget at least i can stare at them on my screen. Very nice. I has a few request though:
- Resize option, they are a bit too small so I very much would like some size options.
- Make a sweeping second hand
- Make some unique one like 24 hours dial( like your Glycine) or single hand (the Slow O is an amazing example)
Overall great work. Thank you.
How do install this? When I double click the file, nothing happens ... :(
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I like number 10 only. There is no way to extract only one clock, is there?
Hey man, your clocks are "Back to the Future " styled ! But there's a problem with my system. Exept the 6.0 version, the 1.0 to 5.0 doesn't install on my computer. What's wrong ?
Hey I really love your clocks, looks really! But a problem is I don't know how to make them my clock. Can you help? Thank you.
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You have to have windows vista or seven to install it, just extract the .gadget file and double click on it.
Okay but how do you install it because there is no .exe file or something like that install it.
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the .gadget file installs the gadget just decompress the .zip and double click the the file that comes out of it to install
Yeah but it's a file, not a program.
*really good!
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Your Clocktopia series is awesome!

I found out about your awesome Clocktopia series over at the Windows Gadget gallery.
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way cool ... thanks
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Not a problem, Thank you!
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Hi, your watches are amazing, i collect real ones so i could not avoid to do the same for my sidebar, but i have Win7 ultimate 64 in Italian and they don't work. Install proceeds but then i don't have them in my gadget list. Rolex Turn o Graph watch works istead! Could you help me some how?
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Thanks for share.
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can you create this watch for my plsssss

Dude, your clocks are bad ass. Love them
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I really like your Gadgets. And if u can i like u to add this clock in your another version of clocktopia link - [link]
I can't find the download link....?
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It is still there. On the left...:O_o:
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