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Clocktopia 5.0

By rodfdez
Another submition of clocks for the windows vista sidebar. This time I was exploring with new shapes of bezels.

Hope it's enjoyed as the previous ones.

Take care.
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I made them work on Win7 ultimate 64bit Italian. I think is a matter of language.

1. I renamed the .gadget file in .zip and unpacked in a folder called Clocktopia5.Gadget
2. Inside there were all the files but you have to put in the Clocktopia5.gadget folder all the files contained in css and js subfolder (copy and paste them, is better) not just leave them in the subfolders.
Open the gadget panel and there they are.
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mmh seems that putting the .xml file in the main Clocktopia5.Gadget folder will work, but the folder has to be located in:

C:\Users\"username"\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets\
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sorry, works only for Clocktopia 6.0... and you have to put all the jss cs html and xml files in the main .Gadget folder
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rod - nice work !!
Ever thought of porting these clocks to android phones? No extra work needed of redrawing anything, or sesizing. I will help on everything.
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I'm not familiar with android software... yet.
After double clicking on the gadget, nothing happens and it's impossible to install this collection of watches
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Reviewed the gadget package, sometimes it has to do with your language settings. The gadget is optimized to work in english russian and spanish systems running at least vista sp1. If that is not your case, sorry, I'll try to update the gadget in the future, time permitting.
great work bro.. all of your Clocktopia works are great. i already got 2 of em.
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I love the back ground.
Hello to everybody

the clocktopia are great (for me only the pictures )
i can't instalate the series

my system is vista home premiun

what is my problem ???? please help me !!!!!
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clocktopia 5.0 works fine
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looks really cool!
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Awesome, is there any clocks for anime or cartoons?
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nice but the point where the pointer start is usually a two pixels too far right or left. can u fix it or is it because Vista??
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I noticed it on the first clock only, I'll update and reupload by tomorrow. Sorry and thanks for noticing.
Again very nice. I would also like see the details.
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how do i apply these cause when i unpack and doubleclick and it says install i cant find in my gagdet gallery
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I think it has to do with something about the language settings for the widget. If you want, you can change the .gadget extension to .zip, extract and copy to a created folder by you named clocktopia 5 to your drive:/program files/windows sidebar/gadgets folder.

or try downloading it from here [link];pl=1&bt=1
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Is it at all possible to animate the small chrono dials, so that they actually show seconds and the date and whatnot?
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It's got to be possible, then again this is a mod of the original clock, I'll play around with the idea.
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