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Clocktopia 4.0

By rodfdez
Again in a good mood to present to you Clocktopia 4.0 in the same fashion as the previous Clocktopia sets.

Comments as always, are welcome.

Good Day!
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Cool!!! I love it!!!
This gadget don't work in my Windows Vista with service pack 2. I have problems to run several of your gadgets, I will copy this message in everyone of them I'm having problems.

I'm from Spain. In other post you told me that perhaps you should modify the gadgets because are not totally compatible with several windows vistas, according the language settings.

I'm from Spain and I'm having problems. Some of your gadgets, simply don't work.



Could you adjust it?

Thanks a lot for those beautiful clocks you do.
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Your clocks are the reason why I enable the sidebar ^^
I love them! :love:
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Thank you very much for your comment!
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You're welcome! ^^
my language settings ???

i have widows vista in dutch (netherlands) what can i do ????
Hello to everybody

the clocktopia are great (for me only the pictures )
i can't instalate the series

my system is vista home premiun

what is my problem ???? please help me !!!!!
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could be your language settings, I had this made so it works on english mainly.
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More great clocks
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Works fine for me. Another great clocktopia package. Looking forward to the next one.
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thanks a lot!
enjoy that 4.0...! is pretty good, when a "clocktopia cccp edition"??[link]
sorry mail-folder goes MAIN folder
@nosyboss, but others that have the same problem too!

a little howto to install...
you have to unpack the file--- as well you obtain a folder contains a file
you must to force unpack with 7zip or winrar the file and you obtain a folder with 2 subfolders and some files.
open the mail folder and rename us-US with the your country code.
for me us-US goes it-IT, then...
rename the main folder .Gadget and put it in the Disk/Program Files/WIndows Sidebar/Gadgets
Magically appears the new gadget in the bar menu!!
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Very nice! Excellent work.
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Works fine here, thanks again for the download. Jim
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No problem...
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Installed but anithing in my gadget gallery.
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I uploaded the file again, try it now...
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thx I will try !!!
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please let me know if it works on your end, over here it installs just fine.
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Still don't work for me, when I install it the gadget's folder this folder name finished by 0000 and I try to erase those 0000 but still don't work (for two of my friends too)! Since I'll have few minutes I'll verify the css and see if there is a code problem, I'll tell when I'll find any solutions.
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