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BR 01-94

A modification to the previous Bell & Ross Clock I made long ago for the clocktopia series. It has continous movement on the second hand and displays on a big size when undocked. Enjoy!
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really love this bell & ross and the continous movement,
hope can have other colour in the feature.
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This is Fantastic!
is seems to be grabbed from a ww2 plane cockpit!

Can you make an "Cpu Meter" using this old style?

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Thanks for your comment and I'll note it to work on a CPU gadget in the future, time permitting.
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Oh I love all your watches but this one is the best! Got the whole series of clock gadgets and love to watch them on my desktop. Thanks for the incredible work and sharing it.
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Your bell& ross clock does work on my desktop. also the junkers is great
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I realy love rhis clock, but unfortunately I only get a white rectangle on my side bar
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try downloading it again, my gadget works mostly well in english and french versions of vista, if you're using another language that might also be the cause. I'll check the package for the gadget again.
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thanx, usually youre clocks work fine. so i'm a bit baffeled it didn't work as good as i'm used to. but thanx for the other clocks.
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nice work.your gadgets awesome m8! thx for sharing :)
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I have downloaded all your clocktopia series. Nice work!
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