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German Reich
Playing as "peaceful" Hitler (more or less...) not starting WW2. Hearts of Iron IV
Hitler Hippie WTFFFF? 

Here I will discuss how I gained regions in game and compare if it could be possible in real life.

1. Austria-Anschluss  (Actually happened)
Germans from both Austria and Germany welcomed the Anschluss as they saw it as completing the complex and long overdue German unification of all Germans united into one-state.

2. SudetenlandMunich Agreement  after that I did not continue to First Vienna Award (since we don't want to increase world tension too much.)

3. Memel - Reassert Eastern Claims 
"The Great War saw the loss of much German territory in the East with the resurrection of Poland and the transfer of Memel to Lithuania. An Ultimatum shall be sent to both nations, but Poland, at least, will likely not bow to mere words." 1939 German ultimatum to Lithuania

4. Danzig - There are 2 ways in game to get Danzig from Poland peacefully a) Danzig for Slovakia (Owns Western Slovakia ) 
b) Using Political power you can boost popularity of your Faction, Once it gets past 50% I performed a coup and a civil war started, now if you ask for Danzing the Rebels (Falangist Poland) will promise Danzing for suport in their Civil war (Sending volunteers and resources), once they won they will give Danzig and join anti-Comintern pact.

So, the question is if there could be Germany backed coup d'état.  (creating destabilizing revolutions in Poland as means of serving their interests at low cost and with minimal casualties so they could get Danzig) Something like United States-backed coup d'état on 11 September 1973 or various Colour revolution.
Facts: 1939 population of Poland 35,100,000 vs Germany 87,323,000, means that Germany could influence Poland, using various means, like sabotages, bribery, supporting radical movements to increase civil unrests, heavy propaganda, strikes atc. This would weaken theyr econom so they would be more willing to give Danzing to insure peaceful relations if possible war with Soviet union that they feared and hated started.  (still it is only hypothetical)
5. Alsace-Lorraine "The loss of Alsace-Lorraine is a stain on the honor of the German people "
In game there is no focus on Alsace-Lorraine only Around Maginot,  War With France and only after that Reintegrate Luxemburg and Alsace-Lorraine.

To get Alsace-Lorraine I started military coup like in Poland support them until they became more powerful and then... attack them like a total dick (This will increase world tension massively) to, ehm... "liberated and protect land and people of Elsass-Lothringen" from terible ciwil war.

Could realistically Germany get Alsace-Lorraine from France?  After all Maginot Line that cost 3 billion French Francs was built there so they would not give it up easily.

Facts: Population in 1939 of France is 41,700,000, so again it favors Germany. 
France Average annual growth rate: 1920s - 4.43%, 1930s 0.63% !!!  1945-49 - 2.16%.

Hardship and unemployment were high enough to lead to rioting and the rise of the socialist Popular Front, which won the 1936 elections with a coalition of Socialists and Radicals, and support from the Communists.  (This could Germany exploit)
The election brought a massive wave of strikes, with involving 2 million workers!!! (Germans are producing Tanks while people of France are on strike...)

Compere with Germany: Unemployment in Germany- January 1933- 6 million, January 1939- 302,000. (Women were no longer included in the statistics
[Insert back to kitchen Joke Here] :D )

Francs is simply not producing enough, Rentier capitalism in France was a real thing (economic practices of monopolization of access to any physical, financial,  etc. kind of property, and gaining significant amounts of profit without contribution to society) And almost all the artist in Paris were also lazy buch not really benefiting society...

So if Germany would destabilize situation in France even more civil war could actually happen, and then they could use this chaos to seize Alsace-Lorraine. (Something like Russians did with Crimea)

6. Slovenia 
Demand Slovenia, If France is no longer granting independence to Yugoslavia or if you are Lucky you get Slovenia without fight, after that I did not continue to First Ljubljana Award.

7. South Tyrol 
Austria have a core in south tyrol but not Germany.
There is no possibility to take that region without starting war in game and that would mean losing ally that is needed since Italy will also support revolutions you start in other countries. 
From wikipedia: Adolf Hitler never claimed any part of the Southern Tyrol for his Third Reich, even before the alliance with Benito Mussolini in fact in Mein Kampf (1924) he claimed that Germans were just a small and irrelevant minority in Southern Tyrol[citation needed] (this definition including also Trentino) and he acknowledged the German portion of Southern Tyrol as a permanent possession of Italy.

Now if you think Germany would now be peaceful you are wrong...
As a highly developed industrial state, Germany was dependent even in peacetime on external sources for an adequate supply of oil. German synthetic fuel production required coal and was simpli inefective. So where do we get some oil...


Richard the terrible
Current Residence: Slovakia
 No matter who's in charge, they all have one in common... They want to make sure they stay there...

plagat 2 by Rodegas
Where two are fighting, the third wins (Austro-Hungarian periode)

The caricature of Slovak is biting from mandate, while the Hungarian candidates are fighting among themselves. 
Up to three elections were needed in Liptovský Mikuláš in 1905 using all means to break the resistance of Slovak candidate.

plagat by Rodegas
Do not worry children's, mother will protect you! (The first Czechoslovak Republic)

Propagation poster from 1918, On picture Czechoslovakia is protecting Slovakia from Hungary and small lizard is probably František Jehlička (controversial figure).

Polan Esim 1 by Rodegas

The Sower of kúkoľ (Kúkoľ poľný weed) The First Slovak Republic

Picture show the atmosphere of times around 1941.
The jew is whispering: We have no bread. We have nothing to eat. Germans are responsible for everything.
To solve finally the jewish question! 
(14. Point of program of Slovak national socialism)

Verita by Rodegas
The American agent will not pass through our village!  (ČSSR)

Defend the farmers' union against Western imperialists in unison with the National Security forces. Czechoslovak socialist propaganda poster, second half of the twentieth century, author unknown.

Pasca by Rodegas

Brussels splashed more than half a billion pounds on directly promoting the EU last year, through publicity and communications spending.

Verita by Rodegas

On Nov 23, the European Parliament adopted a non-legislative resolution against anti-EU propaganda propagated by Russia and terrorist groups such as Daesh and Al-Qaeda. (Clearly there is no other propaganda...)


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