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MOCC page 43-44


OK, last two pages of the M.O.C.C.²! Here we go!

What?! Vector's back and he does not look happy!
He's got the assegai sword, but can even he stand
against the accumulated power of the multiverse?

I'm just dying to find out!!

Again, favs and views are deeply appreciated, but comments are priceless.

Your comments not only help me evaluate what I'm doing but motivate me do more and try new things.

I know last panel is a little busy, but I kind of did it on purpose.
The idea was a scene where there is a large group of people all talking at the same time after a crisis.
Well, not everything works out. :shrug:


Alright guys, we did it! For some of us, we did it again!
The M.O.C.C.² is complete, except for a brief epilogue to wrap things up.
It's now time to get the pre-press work done for the printer.
Time to reformat your pages as required, note me for the specifics.
Later, and thanks to all the participants and watchers!

Story and lines by :iconrodcom1000: Colors by :iconfradarlin:

Page 1-2

Page 3-4

Page 5-6

Page 7-8

Page 9-10

Page 11-12

Page 13-14

Page 15-16

Page 17-18

page 19-20 

page 21-22

page 23-24 MOCC 2 Final Chapter p23-24

page 25-26 MOCC 2 Final Chapter p25-26

page 27-28 MOCC 2 Final Chapter p27-28

page 29-30 MOCC 2 Final Chapter p29-30

page 31-32

page 33-34…

page 35-36

page 37-38

page 39-40

page 41-42

:icontsukijin: Tsukijin
:iconj-mace: Bluestar
:iconnewplancomics: Turbulence
:icond3kab1u3: Tankstream
:iconmrfuzzynutz: Onyx
:iconhulkdaddyg: Gilead
:iconinsane-ukulele: Inter

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Bracey100's avatar
Ah that was worth the wait, great to see it all wrapped up.
RODCOM1000's avatar
Hey, Bracey! Good to hear from you!
Yeah, the end of the MOCC is bitter/sweet for me,
but the Vindicators have new adventures on the horizon.
Stay tuned!
Bracey100's avatar
Thanks for the welcome. Its tough when life takes me away from my friends here on DA. And I'll be waiting, same Vindicator time, same Vindicator channel.
MidnightOwl07's avatar
I feel kinda sad, because I've follow this story even before I started being active on DA :( great job as always man :D can't wait to see what you've in store for Vector :D
RODCOM1000's avatar
Thanks for your support, I'll try not to disappoint! :)
MidnightOwl07's avatar
Saying goodbye to this series is hard for me :( and whatever you're planning to do, you'll always have me as a fan :D
RODCOM1000's avatar
BlackKusanagi's avatar
This just messed with my feelings. Very nicely done!
RODCOM1000's avatar
But in a good way, I hope :thanks:
BlackKusanagi's avatar
Always in a good way my good sir.
genekelly's avatar
Awesome job on the big finish, Rod! Kudos, man. :)
RODCOM1000's avatar
Hey, Gene! Thanks for commenting, always a pleasure to hear from you! :wave:
Quel2many's avatar
I appreciate the time and effort put into this whole story. Even though agent prime couldn't make it. Every page was great and a good come around to this ending..the color the action and all the characters on this page really top notch thank you
RODCOM1000's avatar
Glad you came along for the ride! Many thanks for your comment! :D
Quel2many's avatar
When the next one start 
RODCOM1000's avatar
Alas, this may be the last MOCC, but I have an idea that my replace it and allow more participants. We'll see.
Quel2many's avatar
Well if you need help or anything I'll volunteer..but great work on all the mocc it will be miss but amazing ending 
RODCOM1000's avatar
D3kaB1u3's avatar
There´s no Mission Accomplished without a car being totaled. For TankStream getting the car wrecked in the line of duty in order to save the Multiverse was worth of it (Heck, even Team Hot Wheels got their original Cars destroyed near the end of Build the Epic Race feature). 

I really liked this final panel with everyone, it really does feel as the Mission has been Accomplished with jokes included. 

:icontfablurrplz: Again, It has been a blast joining this, it feels like getting Full Circle. 


RODCOM1000's avatar
Nelson established himself as a real hero with not just the sacrifice of his car, but he bravery in standing up fearlessly to such immense power.
I'm glad you like the last panel, I was a little "iffy" on that one. I thought it may be too crowded, but the feedback has made me feel better. :D (Big Grin) 
hulkdaddyg's avatar
That was an epic finish. I love all the details, the background work the colors, the lettering and all the things people don't notice that went into making this. I really appreciate your storytelling effort and all you did to make this thing come together. Thank you for this masterpiece.
RODCOM1000's avatar
Thank you, my friend! Your support and interest have helped keep me motivated and mindful.
And to have some one notice those details I spend hours upon hours applying makes it all fell worthwhile.
kenfusion45's avatar
Great finish!  This is what superhero stories are all about :)

And I liked the last panel, too!
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