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MOCC Final Chapter P35 - 36

I know it's been a minute, but here we go!

When we last left the MOCC² Tsukijin was explaining how the Vandal clone came to be and how to get rid of him.
All our heroes need to do is get him trough the portal and the day is saved.
But that's proving to be easier said than done!
The collar is almost burned out and Vandal is more than a hand full even with the collar!
Can our heroes get the job done in time?
Stay tuned!

Story and lines by :iconrodcom1000: Colors by :iconfradarlin:

Page 1-2

Page 3-4

Page 5-6

Page 7-8

Page 9-10

Page 11-12

Page 13-14

Page 15-16

Page 17-18

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page 21-22

page 23-24 MOCC 2 Final Chapter p23-24

page 25-26 MOCC 2 Final Chapter p25-26

page 27-28 MOCC 2 Final Chapter p27-28

page 29-30 MOCC 2 Final Chapter p29-30

page 31-32

page 33-34…

page 37-38

page 39-40

page 41-42

page 43-44

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I really love the the tone and the tension! It's so awesome every time you put up a new one because it's like some great manga I've been reading. I don't see any typos or anything and everyone looks great. It's actually hilarious seeing Vector with Tsukijin's personality! Great job!!
RODCOM1000's avatar
Thank you, my friend!
I'm trying my best to do better.
I've been unsatisfied with my work till now,
but I'm starting to feel better just lately.
Youre feedback is very much appreciated.
Quel2many's avatar
Things getting real serious ...on the cliff hsnger
RODCOM1000's avatar
Yeah, it's definitely crunch time! And speaking of cliffhangers, wait til you see the next one! ;)
NewPlanComics's avatar
You said crossing the streams was bad.

The new pages look great! I wonder who that could be arriving?
RODCOM1000's avatar
Thanks, I thought you'd catch that 😜   
Who or 'what' could be arriving! 
NewPlanComics's avatar
The Destructor has come.
D3kaB1u3's avatar
The battle is getting more intense! And by the look of the cliffhanger it´s going to get even more intense! 

I liked it! :icontfablurrplz: 
RODCOM1000's avatar
 Thanks, it will get more intense, especially for Nelson!
D3kaB1u3's avatar
Looking forward to see the next set! 
mrfuzzynutz's avatar
Ah..that arm bar and dialogue is on point, Thanks for the attention to detail my friend
RODCOM1000's avatar
Thank you! The more source material you create, the better I can imagine dialoge for her 😉
gwdill's avatar
RODCOM1000's avatar
 Thanks, Gabe,
AWRowland's avatar
Superb page! This is building to a dynamite conclusion! Tsukujin definitely needs to file this experiment under "bad idea, worse execution".
RODCOM1000's avatar
Thanks! Yeah well, Tsuki's main character flaw is probably bad judgment. 
Sadly genius is not synonymous with good judgment  :no:
AWRowland's avatar
Ambition can cause lapses in judgement, for sure.
J-Mace's avatar
Looks great!:D (Big Grin) 
RODCOM1000's avatar
 Thanks, Mace!
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