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MOCC 2 Final Chapter p27-28


Oh, no! Can it be? Did Vector just blow up like a super nova?
Say it aint so! Even he can't take 10 megatons to the face! 
At least we know what happened to him and how the others made it back.

Well, now we're all caught up to current events.

Most of our heroes have realized things are not what they seem, and that their host is not who he seems.

Who is this impostor?

And now that he has been feeding on the energy from multiple universes, can he be stopped?

Stand tuned for answers!

Story and lines by :iconrodcom1000: Colors by :iconfradarlin:

Page 1-2

Page 3-4

Page 5-6

Page 7-8

Page 9-10

Page 11-12

Page 13-14

Page 15-16

Page 17-18

page 19-20 

page 21-22

page 23-24 MOCC 2 Final Chapter p23-24

page 25-26 MOCC 2 Final Chapter p25-26


page 29-30 MOCC 2 Final Chapter p29-30

page 31-32

page 33-34…

page 35-36

page 37-38

page 39-40

page 41-42

page 43-44

:icongwdill: Bluejaye
:iconj-mace: Bluestar
:iconnewplancomics: Turbulence
:icond3kab1u3: Tankstream
:iconinsane-ukulele: Inter
:iconmrfuzzynutz: Onyx
:iconhulkdaddyg: Gilead 

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Can you please make this page downloadable?   It's the only one that isn't.  Thanks, bro!
gwdill's avatar
Thank you, sir!  :)
JimSandersIII's avatar
really digging on this-awesome work! :highfive:
RODCOM1000's avatar
Thanks, Jimbo! See what a good colorist can do? Imagine if I had a good inker too! ;) (wink, wink)
JimSandersIII's avatar
as soon as i can get my act together :)
RODCOM1000's avatar
Take your time, my friend, but when your ready you let me know!
J-Mace's avatar
Another awesome page! Love the group shot!
RODCOM1000's avatar
Thanks, Mace! I'm trying to bring it just a little ;) Your comment is really appreciated!
mrfuzzynutz's avatar
Man, these are some sharp looking panels, great story telling with these!
RODCOM1000's avatar
Thanks Fuzzy, much appreciated!
gwdill's avatar
Put the beat-down on him!!  :matrixfight:
D3kaB1u3's avatar
And the real battle begins!
RODCOM1000's avatar
And you without your armor :no:
D3kaB1u3's avatar
I want to solve that! XDDD
RODCOM1000's avatar
I think your idea that the powers don't make the hero is a good one, I'm going to roll with that! :nod:
D3kaB1u3's avatar
Well then let the show continue! :icontfablurrplz: And thank you very much for liking it, not only without powers but also without any items, relying on quick decisions and the few things available on the scene im thinking about the armor as a parting gift from Steel Serval since he had access to TankStream´s items and software
RODCOM1000's avatar
...and the heart and bravery of a true hero!
D3kaB1u3's avatar
NewPlanComics's avatar
Nicely done! That is an incredible group shot!
RODCOM1000's avatar
Thanks, Wayne! Time to get serious!
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