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MOCC 2 Final Chapter p23-24

Sorry guys, wish I was faster, but I'm not ... but I never give up either ;)

So at last we go into the final chapter.
Starting with what was supposed to be a page or two of exposition (turned out to be a lot more) about what happened to the real Vector and crew.
There was a lot to reveal and I tried to stay focused on whats important for the story without going overboard.

Since colors are one of the many things I suck at I asked my buddy, Fradarlin, to give me a hand coloring.
This guy is great and really made the best out of my lines, I couldn't be happier with the way they turned out.

Hope you guys like it.

Story and lines by :iconrodcom1000:
Colors by :iconfradarlin:

Page 1-2

Page 3-4

Page 5-6

Page 7-8

Page 9-10

Page 11-12

Page 13-14

Page 15-16

Page 17-18

page 19-20

page 21-22 

page 25-26 MOCC 2 Final Chapter p25-26

page 27-28 MOCC 2 Final Chapter p27-28

page 29-30 MOCC 2 Final Chapter p29-30

page 31-32

page 33-34…

page 35-36

page 37-38

page 39-40

page 41-42

page 43-44

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Vector is my fav OC. Great job
RODCOM1000's avatar
Thanks so much for the kind words and the favs! :thumbsup:
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"Reminds me of you last girlfriend." I'm cracking up hard.
RODCOM1000's avatar
Ah, another one that gets my sense of humor! :laughing:
We'll see if Nox ever gets to finish that joke.
J-Mace's avatar
He doesn't have to. :lol:
tsukijin's avatar
Very nice! I love the mix of your linework with your buddy's colors.
I freaking love your dialogue skills man, no lie.
Also, finish your joke Nox! Finish it!
RODCOM1000's avatar
Thanks, Tsuki! He really understands the way I like to use color and shadow to show shape and form. (and does it much better than I can)

You're the only one one that gets my jokes, man! Stare  We may get around to Nox's punchline when things aren't so dire, we'll see Giggle 
tsukijin's avatar
lol someday we'll know how the joke ends. Although, sometimes the jokes are better when they're unfinished. Like you, I have also been leaning towards letting the colors define the details. But of course you still do that better than me ...for now. >:)
RODCOM1000's avatar
All jokes aside, I love your work, Oscar, and it inspires me.
tsukijin's avatar
Thanks man, that means a lot, I also look at stuff that you do for inspiration. I do feel like my linework has become more defined since I've been checking out what details you tend to ommit from your linework compared to what I used to think was essential.
D3kaB1u3's avatar
Time to adress a couple of questions left! :icontfablurrplz: 
RODCOM1000's avatar
All will be revealed.
UrsaMagnus's avatar
Outstanding page!!
RODCOM1000's avatar
Thanks man, appreciate the comment!
NewPlanComics's avatar
Great new pages! Can't wait for more either.
RODCOM1000's avatar
Thanks Wayne, not much longer now :nod:
NewPlanComics's avatar
You should add pages 21 & 22 in the description.
RODCOM1000's avatar
Good call, thanks!
gwdill's avatar
AWESOME!!  Can't wait for more!!  :)
RODCOM1000's avatar
Thanks Gabe, hoping to wrap it up by the New Year :fingerscrossed:
gwdill's avatar
Do your thing, man!!  Looks great so far!!
RODCOM1000's avatar
Appreciate that, Gabe!
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