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M.O.C.C. 2 page 15-16

Hey, all!
As Baymax would say "I am not fast."…

But here's page 16! :)
Bluejaye is large and in charge as he takes the lead on this mission.
Can these heroes stop Vector before it's too late?
Will Bluejaye find out what Tsukijin is really up to?
Stay tuned and start sharpening those pencils cause we're in the home stretch!

Ok, our heroes are finally gathered!
Bluejaye has recovered from his injuries and Tsukijin is being a jerk ...again!
It looks like confrontation is eminent.
Can Bluejaye lead this group heroes to answers and save the day?

It may not seem like it, but I'm working hard to get this out to you so you're comments are really appreciated, not to mention motivating.
So please leave comments not just here but for you're fellow contestants.
It's how events like this work, we support each others work by sharing and discussing.

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page 21-22

page 23-24 MOCC 2 Final Chapter p23-24

page 25-26 MOCC 2 Final Chapter p25-26

page 27-28 MOCC 2 Final Chapter p27-28

page 29-30 MOCC 2 Final Chapter p29-30

page 31-32

page 33-34…

page 35-36

page 37-38

page 39-40

page 41-42

page 43-44

:icongwdill: Bluejaye
:iconj-mace: Bluestar
:iconericlinquist: I-Force
:iconnewplancomics: Turbulence
:iconzairyo: Respawn
:icond3kab1u3: Tankstream
:iconade-doodles: L'epex
:iconinsane-ukulele: Inter
:iconmrfuzzynutz: Onyx
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Papa-Pills's avatar
Nice group shot in panel 2.
RODCOM1000's avatar
Thanks, much appreciated!
mrfuzzynutz's avatar
Loving this so far, really building the tension to it all explodes and everyone can cut loose. Just a small about some speaking parts for the ladies not getting much about there personalities when they are silent.
have not been feeling the best lately, been suffering from the blues something fierce, trying to stay away from the meds option. I have good days and bad, so hoping when it's time I will be ready to go.
RODCOM1000's avatar
Thanks, glad you're feeling the tension :)

I do have a line or two planed for the ladies, but in a cast 16 and counting, it's difficult to give lines to every character.
And while I'm doing my best to represent everyone, fleshing out a characters personality is the creators job and privilege.
That was actually the main reason for the intro pages, to introduce whatever you wanted people to know about your character.

With that said it would be a real shame to lose you and Onyx this close to the things getting started, really hope you feel better soon.
EricLinquist's avatar
Looking very good, Rod!  See if you can edit in some mutton-chops on my boy I-Force.  One day he'll shave them maybe but not yet! lol! Can you refresh me on what am I drawing for the challenge? Am I battling Thunder Axe?  Or am I and the others on my mini-squad drawing a three character adventure to free Gilead? If I'm getting ahead, let me know.  Just don't wanna miss out on anything! lol!
RODCOM1000's avatar
Mutton-chops, gotcha.
Your fight is absolutely with Thunder Axe, but as a result of trying to free Gilead.
Back on page 14 Vector orders a group to guard the prisoners and Thunder Axe will be in that group. ...See? :)
D3kaB1u3's avatar
:iconeddsworldtomplz: TankStream all alone... That gives me a couple of ideas
RODCOM1000's avatar
Don't worry, he wont be alone long       ...and that not a good thing :plotting:
gwdill's avatar
Also, just have to color some of Bluejaye's trim lines black still...LOL  You did a GREAT job on these pages, man!!!
RODCOM1000's avatar
You used to do that trim in white and I still have reference from that.
I get them mixed up sometimes, don't worry I'll fix it before it goes to print.
gwdill's avatar
No worries, my friend!
gwdill's avatar
Rod, is there any certain predicament you need for Tsukijin and Dark Vector to be in at the end of my Bluejaye pages?  They are the main villains in the story so I don't want to ruin anything if one of 'em goes down...
RODCOM1000's avatar
 Been meaning to talk to you about that i'll send you a note.
Bracey100's avatar
And now the opposing team arrives. Heh and someone brought their car. Is it Bruce Campbell, lol? 
RODCOM1000's avatar
That's no Oldsmobile Delta 88, but Ash on the Domus, that would be cool!
Bracey100's avatar
Now theres a great crossover idea, Vindicators vs Deadites.
mrfuzzynutz's avatar
SO any chance I could get some insight from my fellow combatants? The way I see it Shatter is a long ranged fighter that can tear shit up if you try to bring the fight in close and go hand to hand. Onyx is a smash and bash character that will have to be creative and think outside of the box to land if she hopes to land some solid blows.
So I am thinking this is going to be a fight with out a lot of props and property damage. Both characters using projectiles trying to get the other out of position.
Any thoughts?
RODCOM1000's avatar
Well, think of Shatter as a super earth-bender, he'll be at a bit of a disadvantage initially due to location.
There battle will begin on the ship where there is little earth to bend. Strength should be fairly even.
It will pretty much be skill vs. durability.
Of course where you take the battle from there will be up to you.
mrfuzzynutz's avatar
haha this is so cool, Onyx is my first OC I shared with anyone, I have to say see her in action, this just motivates me more to see her in other stuff!
RODCOM1000's avatar
That means a lot to me, Fuzzy! After all, that the reason I started the MOCC was to motivate people with great OC's to use them.
Zairyo's avatar
Quality over speed man, these are looking great. Need to make a collection to store all of this.
RODCOM1000's avatar
Thanks Z! I really am working on this every chance I get.
How is your computer doing?
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