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Blu Potion's: Nerd and the Star
Blu Potions: The Nerd and the Star.
It was the afternoon at a local high school in Sierra Vista, the young men and women with a future ahead of them. Among these happy students, getting ready for their lunch period and others going to the field’s and weight class for practice was a young woman that had a heart filled with hate, anger, distaste and anguish. She had freckles covering her pale skinned body; her short brown hair was ruffled while her bright hazel eyes brimmed with utter rage at those who have hurt her. She had a lanky build, no muscles or fat to be seen with a small chest that girls make fun of her for and a boney ass that gets called out many times a day at gym. Her white teeth grinds as she walks towards the gym in her school with each step pressing into the ground harder and harder.
Going through the doors that lead to the weight room she slowly mutters curses and words that could not be heard while she reaches in to her pink shorts and grabs a crystal clear bottl
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Mature content
Cedar: Tastiest man in Beacon :iconrod-roger:Rod-Roger 18 0
Mature content
Cedar: Number One Prey :iconrod-roger:Rod-Roger 18 0
Mature content
Blu, Spell and Artifacts :iconrod-roger:Rod-Roger 10 2
Mature content
Keco Birthday :iconrod-roger:Rod-Roger 1 4
Melanie Bio by Rod-Roger Melanie Bio :iconrod-roger:Rod-Roger 14 9
Megaman Network Battle: Toon Series Story 1
Megaman Network Battle: Magnet Man and Tesla come to play!
It was that afternoon inside the dorm room of the young heroine known simple as Mayl Sakurai, one of the leading student’s in her freshman class with a scholarship that would make even a star on a baseball team blush. Her appearance was that of short red hair with a slick back look, her light aqua long sleeved shirt that was underneath a bright blue vest with a black line going down the middle where her zipper would be. She had on a bright pink short skirt with bright black knee socks with bright red shoes she would wear at the door. Mayl’s eyes had bright brown eyes with a pink pin in her slick back red hair while on her belt was a small looking device commonly known as a PET or rather the Progress Pet.
The device was bright blue in color around as the border with a red button on the right side of it with two white buttons next to it, a red small power button on the left side with two analog buttons an old gaming c
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Stacey Evian by Rod-Roger Stacey Evian :iconrod-roger:Rod-Roger 17 25 Bananuu Dragon Ball Xenoverse FC by Rod-Roger Bananuu Dragon Ball Xenoverse FC :iconrod-roger:Rod-Roger 56 20
Mature content
Evian Cake :iconrod-roger:Rod-Roger 7 1
RWBY FC: Navy Bolt
Navy Bolt
Race: Faunus (Shark)
Age: 18
Sex: Male
H’T’: 6’ 4 inches
Weight: 210
Appearance: The young man is an abnormally tall fellow with his body build like a professional Football player, his arms and legs show large signs of muscular growth with his chest being board in length. That said, his face is a bit long with his jaw being visible through his gums when he speaks and shark razor teeth always seen whenever he makes a facial movement.  Short brown hair and on his back would be a shark fin that makes it hard for him to wear some shirts and all of his jackets without getting some sort of tear. His hands however lack any sort of talons or long finger nails to be claws and his feet are generally normal besides their large size.
His attire is that of a white muscle shirt with the logo of his favorite comic “Extreme Faunus.” A popular comic in his community, his backpack and all of his belongs are covered with that brand to the point his pants have
:iconrod-roger:Rod-Roger 7 4
Mature content
Millis Vs. Carla :iconrod-roger:Rod-Roger 11 1
Mature content
The Ninja's Reward :iconrod-roger:Rod-Roger 4 2
Lentils and The Tide by Rod-Roger Lentils and The Tide :iconrod-roger:Rod-Roger 2 2
The Adventure of Xavos and Robin Part One
The Adventure with Xavos and Robin
The cold, harsh wind blew around the concrete jungle that was the modern city with the loud noise of honking cars filled the air and drowning out the noise of all those who tried to talk with one another. It was known as early morning Traffic with the loud honks on the horns and people yelling at one another to move up, it was complete chaos to many a driver especially to people in Taxis needing to arrive on time to work or important meetings. One victim was a dark long haired woman by the name of Nico Robin, sitting in the yellow cab hoping to get to where she was having a small class of some kind to teach people about the wonders of history.
She wore a bright white blouse with long sleeves, cupped up her wrist with her formal Grey jacket folded by her side. Her legs were clothed with long black business pants as on her forehead are her black frame reading glasses she needs for work. “This is Redicilous, why do modern worlds have an issue with
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Mature content
Sailor Mars Ball Trouble :iconrod-roger:Rod-Roger 37 1


Kali x Neo by BikoWolf1 Kali x Neo :iconbikowolf1:BikoWolf1 97 28 I'll protect you... (Collab with Kitmast) by GKTRRAkAkumu43 I'll protect you... (Collab with Kitmast) :icongktrrakakumu43:GKTRRAkAkumu43 26 0 War of the Roses by dishwasher1910 War of the Roses :icondishwasher1910:dishwasher1910 1,261 88 rwby by tamoshika-kaiana rwby :icontamoshika-kaiana:tamoshika-kaiana 7 0 Remember Me by Vanellope-von-art Remember Me :iconvanellope-von-art:Vanellope-von-art 31 1 Ladybug (Commission) by ari-6 Ladybug (Commission) :iconari-6:ari-6 151 6 RWBY :: Black Sun by nikimarii RWBY :: Black Sun :iconnikimarii:nikimarii 179 27 RWBY : Duel of fate by dishwasher1910 RWBY : Duel of fate :icondishwasher1910:dishwasher1910 3,222 137 Fate/Zero x RWBY : Golden Rider / Black Assassin by dishwasher1910 Fate/Zero x RWBY : Golden Rider / Black Assassin :icondishwasher1910:dishwasher1910 1,264 39 RWBY - Chibi Ruby~ Abracadabra by HOSEN-HOSEN-HOCEN RWBY - Chibi Ruby~ Abracadabra :iconhosen-hosen-hocen:HOSEN-HOSEN-HOCEN 227 51 Savoie Retro Games - Yang (RWBY) by Aneeshaynee Savoie Retro Games - Yang (RWBY) :iconaneeshaynee:Aneeshaynee 4 0 Sanji Vinsmoke - Diable Jambe by Madboy-Art Sanji Vinsmoke - Diable Jambe :iconmadboy-art:Madboy-Art 57 2 Wonder Woman Movie by Madboy-Art Wonder Woman Movie :iconmadboy-art:Madboy-Art 237 7 Roronoa Zoro by Madboy-Art Roronoa Zoro :iconmadboy-art:Madboy-Art 92 10 Tsuyu- Boku no Hero Academy. by Madboy-Art Tsuyu- Boku no Hero Academy. :iconmadboy-art:Madboy-Art 104 3 Nami One Piece by Madboy-Art Nami One Piece :iconmadboy-art:Madboy-Art 223 3
Hey everyone, I've been having the worst Art block ever. Im sorry for my trades, and my commissions but something beens biting at my creative gland.

Now I am asking, begging, you help me. Idea's, series comcepts, bio's for OC's. Please help me.
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Steve Evian
United States
Well name's Ayumu Hunter. I am a huge fan of Maple Story for it's character models, monsters, abilities and the NPC's. Iam a big fan of Pokemon and Mario games. With my stories I have alot of fun.



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