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A Grimm Story
"Extraordinary," Chester breathed, watching as ripples appeared through silken solid darkness behind his exploring fingers. "Just... wow."
It was hard to wrap his mind around the concept that the thing - no, body he was touching was alive. As he trailed his fingers through the slick obsidian mass, it gently gripped his fingers as if it meant to keep him close. Though tarry in appearance, it was not sticky. It seemed to be both liquid and solid, and yet seemingly so fantastical as to be in a category of its own.
A pair of small, shiny black beads peered out from the whirling solid oil slick, watching with nervous curiosity. Aside from those fascinating optics, there were no other features on the creature. No angles, no corners, no armour at all. There were only liquid contours as flowing as the banks of a river and as malleable as shadow itself.
Chester paused to meet those alien optics. "Can you feel it when I touch you like this?"
"Yes, I can feel you." A voice th
:iconthornqueen:ThornQueen 6 44
A Grimm Story II
Chester could hear them talking outside of his cell.
No, not the Decepticons. Yes, he could still hear them talking, but for the moment they were more background noise. The two Decepticons that had escorted him down to the brig were long gone, though their taunts still rang in Chester's audios. As if meaning to prove that their side was full of vile examples of corrupt, degenerate half-bit bots, they had taken every delight in showing the Head Tactical Adviser of Tyger Pax Main Stronghold Base who was the boss. Chester had been cuffed, hobbled, and unable to fight back against their stinging words and goading strikes – though it was not their words nor physical prodding that struck deepest. It was their violation of Grimm's poor, dead frame
Granted, Grimm wasn't exactly in her frame at the moment, but it was the priniciple of the act that counted.
While Chester could do nothing, he watched as Grimm's frame was shot. Walked on. Dropped down stairs. Banged against walls. Swun
:iconthornqueen:ThornQueen 5 17
Spark Eater
"Damn it, Grimm!"
There was no better exclamation to sum up the situation for Chester as he ran furiously through the halls of Tyger Pax.
"Damn it!
The halls blurred by, as did the faceplates of panicked bots, and even time itself went shell-shocked fuzzy. One moment, he had been driving laps around the outdoor track, and the next he had been careening into the sidelines as news hit him that there had been an internal attack within the base. The insult was just as bad as the shock of it. Traitors in Tyger Pax! Not only that, but the fraggers had gone on to guide in some heavy-hitting Cons into the compound!
There was no better way to slap a Head Adviser of a Tactical Division in the faceplate than by making his failures so obvious and fatal.
Chester barely recalled rushing through the base to get to the med bay. The visiting team from Iacon had been the focus of the attack. It seemed only right to ensure that the pair were still functional, as they still had a long journey ahead
:iconthornqueen:ThornQueen 11 104
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The start will mostly be background work.



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Art is a longtime vent, but it's also my way of sharing ideas, and happiness.
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