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Neonracoon: Neon was wandering around. She was nibbling on a ninja star cookie leftover from the day's batch. "Mmmmm"

Rockythebunny13: (Wait whets the setting?XD I'll improvised) moonlight was trotting down the sidewalk down to sugarcube corner she wanted to see her friend pinkie pie and wanted her daily chocolate chip cookie

Neonracoon: (anywhere pretty much ^w^)

Rockythebunny13: she walked inside,"hello pinkie!" She said as the pinkie mare trotted by "hi moonlight! Hey see this new cat a found," pinkie pointed down to the floor where a cat nibbling a cookie was shown

Neonracoon: "Mmmmmm so tasty good"

Rockythebunny13: Moonlight got down to the floor ,"hello kitty!" Moonlight said to the small cat

Neonracoon: Neon opened her eyes and looked up. "Huh? Oh hello!"She mewed to the strange pony.

Rockythebunny13: "Hi, I'm Moonlight." The pony told the cat on the floor "Your a colorful kitty are you." She nuzzled the cat

Neonracoon: (ok im gonna post Neon's ref now cuz if you post this and she's nonexistent people will be like Whaaaaaa)

Neonracoon: Neon began purring. ^w^

Rockythebunny13: Moonlight got up "Pinkie where did you find her?Surely some one wouldn't leave her." Pinkie looked puzzled "Actually, she came to me! She walked through the door hungry so a gave her a cookie from a leftover batch I made for a little colts birthday party."

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Neonracoon: Neon continued nibbling on the cookie, until it was finished. She produced another out of thin air and nibbled on it. "Mmmmm tasty stars.."

Rockythebunny13: Pinkie looked at the cat," did you see what she just did?!" Pinkie shouted "COOL YOU CAN MAKE UNLIMITED COOKIES!?!?" Moonlight looked at the cat she was surprised "I um what did she just do?"

Rockythebunny13: (oh crap! I forgot I have to post two chapters of fallen kingdom today! I'll do it later when I have to leave for my anut and moms birthday : p)

Neonracoon: Neon looked up at the pink pony. "You think that's cool? watch this!" The catcoon stared at Pinkie for a second, and closed her eyes, focusing.

Neonracoon: Suddenly a Pinkie Pie appeared out of thin air.

Neonracoon: The Pinkie Pie booped Pinkie Pie's nose

Rockythebunny13: "WHAT!?" The pink mare shouted "TWO MES!?! Awesome!" The pink mare started to the cone of herself about cookies moonlight was more surprised than ever, "how did you do that?!?" (Also can you so me a picture of the catcoon because I'm done with a picture already but I'm not sure if I got the tail right.)

Neonracoon: The Pinkie Pie meowed and purred with happiness

Neonracoon: Neon: 0.0 ...Maaaybe I shouldnt recreate entire living beings....

Neonracoon: (sure ^^)

Rockythebunny13: Pinkie stared at the clone," Why is she acting like a cat I act like alligators!"

Rockythebunny13: moonlight rolled her eyes and giggled "Yeah,"

Neonracoon: "I...I dunno...At least you can tell youselves apart?" ^^;

Rockythebunny13: "okie dokie lokie then!" Pinkie shouted she was very easy to tell things to and she would believe them."

Neonracoon: Pinkie meowed in agreement

Rockythebunny13: "Meahwhile I'm here to pick up my cookies I don't wanna leave Luna waiting." The blue mare said "Okie dokie lokie!" Pinkie pie said as she and the kitty clone bounced into the kitchen to grab the cookies

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Neonracoon: ( )

Rockythebunny13: (Ok thank you here is the picture )

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Rockythebunny13: ( )

Neonracoon: (ok im alive im just like derrrrrrrr)

Rockythebunny13: "Here they are!" The real pinkie handed moonlight the box and she put it in her right saddle bag and when she wasn't looking neon slipped into her left one." Well she ya later pinkie!" Moonlight shouted as he spead her wings and took off to Canterlot castle

Neonracoon: Neon continued nibbling the cookies she produced

Rockythebunny13: "Halt, who gos there! One gaurd shouted Moonlight replied with a simple "Nice to see you to Rick, not if you don't mind," she walked pass the gaurd and flew to Luna's room," Hello, Luna!"moonlight shouted as she gave her a hug,"I brought the cookies," and Luna replied "and thy has the tea with thy honey." "Great!" Moonlight let down her saddles bags not knowing the cat was inside them. "Does thou hear crunching?" Luna said as moonlight pulled out the box of cookies,

Rockythebunny13: "Hey!" Moonlight shouted," the cookies are gone!" Moonlight looked into her other saddlebag to find a colorful cat with a bunch of crumbs. She flipped her bag upside down. "Is this the thief?" Luna said as she leitated the neon colored catcoon

Rockythebunny13: "You!" Moonlight shouted as she was brought to her face "thou knows this cat like creature?" Luna asked. "Yes, pinkie found her and she must of slipped into my saddle bag and ate the cookies while I wasn't looking."

Neonracoon: "Me, a thief? Nonono you MUST be mistaken. I'm just a wittle kitty cat."mewed Neon cutely. She hopped onto Luna and purred, rubbing against the alicorn.

Rockythebunny13: Do not play cute! Thou sees crumbs on your face!

Rockythebunny: the angered alicorn picked up the cat with her magic "Any last words before I toss you out the window?!" 

: (.A.)

Rockythebunny13: (Luna's gonna make moonlight take her outside XD nothing bad is gonna happen XD)

Neonracoon: Neon fuzzed up with fear. "Waitwaitwait! I can put them back! I can put them back! Just set me down, I promise I'll put them back if you set me down. I'm-uh-afraid of heights..."

Neonracoon: (ya but she doesn't know that. For all she knows there's an angry magical alicorn princess about to drop her out of a castle window. .w.)

Rockythebunny13: "Fine! If you prove yourself and make the cookies I will let you go without going through the window and moonlight will take you down but if you don't you will be sent out of her through magic!" She let the cat down and set her near the box "go on replace them."

Rockythebunny13: (you don't mess with a princesses sweets XD)

Neonracoon: "O-ok..."the shaken catcoon said. She began to focus upon the empty box, staring at them and closing her eyes like she did when cloning Pinkie.

Neonracoon: *at it

Neonracoon: Suddenly, a dozen chocolate chip cookies appeared within the box

Rockythebunny13: "My cookies!" The princess yelled "my chocolate chip cookies are saved!" Luna loves her cookies and gets mad if her cookies and sweets are tempered with "You have proven yourself,Moonlight take this creature outside," "yes sir! Come on let's go."moonlight knealed down to let the cat on her back

Rockythebunny13: brb my mom wants me

Neonracoon: "Awww do I really have to go?"mewed Neon. "It's fun here!"

Rockythebunny13: Moonlight whispered to the kitty" listen I'm going to drop you outside the door and leave it open just a crack you can slip in if you want"

Rockythebunny13: Moonlight trott

Rockythebunny13: -ed out of the room closed the door let the kitty off her back when back inside the room leaving the door opened slightly

Rockythebunny13: "ok ready!" Moonlight and Luna talked things over while drinking the tea and eating some cookies along the way

Neonracoon: Neon snuck in through the door and produced some more cookies into the box. She then produced some pink cookies for herself, and hopped into Moonlight's discarded saddlebag

Neonracoon: Neon changed into a light orange tabby cat and produced a bottle of milk to drink.

Rockythebunny13: luna turned around," Why is there so many cats in the castle!" Moonlight mind taking this one away as well since your leaving." "Yes Luna!" Moonlight grabbed her saddle bags and let the cat on her back she then flew out the window. She turned around to talk to the cat "is that you?" The kitty on her back started to shake

Neonracoon: "Mew?"meowed the cat.

Neonracoon: The cat suddenly realized it was in midair and out the window. "Mew!"The cat wailed.

Rockythebunny13: "Don't play dumb," moonlight said as she rolled her eyes "I saw you change forms."

Rockythebunny13: "If you change back I'll walk."

Neonracoon: "Beep!"the cat beeped, and proceeded to turn into Neon

Neonracoon: "It's not fair, she won't let me back in...."Neon pouted

Rockythebunny13: "That's what I though." Moonlight descended down and let the cat crawl into her bag

Rockythebunny13: "well it's not my fault you art her cookies! You should know that you should eat a princess's sweets especially my mentors

Rockythebunny13: (also drew a picture with neon and Luna)

Neonracoon: "I didn't know they were for her! I've hardly been here long enough to know her name, much less know not to eat her cookies!"

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Neonracoon: "And I wrongly assumed the cuteness factor would work...."

Neonracoon: "But I just wanna be friends....."Neon added quietly

Rockythebunny13: ( here it is.)

Neonracoon: (XD I was drawing that part too)

Rockythebunny13: "Well, first you shouldn't take..or eat anyone else things without you asking or them giving it to you, meanwhile let's find you owner."

Neonracoon: "Um...about that........I don't have one...."

Neonracoon: "Please keep me...?"Neon purred hopefully

Rockythebunny13: Moonlight looked puzzled "you don't have one..then we're did you come from?" She looked at the cat letting her crawl on her wings

Neonracoon: "Uh....somewhere?" Neon grinned sheepishly

Rockythebunny13: "well from now on to keep track off you.." She took out her bow and let her hair down, she then proceeded to tie the bow around that cats neck "There."

Neonracoon: "So...does this mean you're keeping me?"

Rockythebunny13: "Now let's go to my house," she let the cat crawl into her bag and spead her wings," I mnot making any promises," she flew up to her house.

Neonracoon: Neon hopped out of the saddlebag

Rockythebunny13: Moonlight reached her house in the clouds and let the cat down," You will live here for now

Neonracoon: "Really?! Yayyyy!"Neon purred

Rockythebunny13: moonlight smiled she was happy to help the kitty

Rockythebunny13: "well come inside let's set up up." Moonlight opened then door and grabbed another ribbon to tie her hair again

Rockythebunny13: my house is as soft as a cloud so I don't think you need a bed, you will mostly sleep on my bed though

Rockythebunny13: "Just Make yourself at home meanwhile I have to get some food so I'll be back." Moonlight put on her saddlebags and flew down and started trotting to the market

Rockythebunny13: (It's your turn)

Neonracoon: Neon made herself busy, but found herself asleep on the clouds before long

Rockythebunny13: Moonlight soon returned home with groceries and started to make pasta but while putting some ingredents but when getting the bowl she found the kitty alsleep in the cupboard.Moonlight gently took out the cat and set her on the couch. When the food was ready she woke up the little kitty "Wake up, wake up!" She whispered as she poked her with her winh

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Neonracoon: "Nyeh?"mewed Neon. She got up and stretched, her raccoon-like claws extending and her tail fluffing up

: "We really need to come up with an me for you, how about neon? Meanwhile dinner is ready, I hope you like pasta."

Neonracoon: "Neon sounds good."Neon mewed, focusing on the now around her neck. Suddenly in place of it there was a similarly colored silky collar, with a tag that read 'Neon' on one side and 'Catcoon' on the other. There was a jingle bell on it, too, just above the tag

Neonracoon: The pink ribbon reappeared in Neon's paw. "Here's your bow if you would like it back..."

Rockythebunny13: "Oh thank you," Moonlight recieved her ribbon and put In a drawer "Meanwhile here is your food." Moonlight set her plate on the floor and moonlight unfolded a small table and set her plate there

Neonracoon: Neon padded over to the mi

Neonracoon: *mini table and sat down.

Rockythebunny13: moonlight picked up neons plate and set it next to hers she then ate her pasta grabbed her plate and put it in the sink

Neonracoon: Neon ate her pasta as well, and finished it quickly

Rockythebunny13: moonlight grabbed her plate as well and put it in the sink. Moonlight then trotted the bed with the little kitty following her

Neonracoon: Neon hopped onto the bed, amazed at how comfy it was

Rockythebunny13: "goodnight Neon," moonlight fell asleep

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Neonracoon: Neon curled up on a pillow next to Moonlight and purred herself to sleep.
Image by rockythebunny13

Image by rockythebunny13

NeonRacoon owns neon the cat
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