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Rockythebunny13: lacey and Mimi were walking outside aimlessly while they looked consus but they had their eyes close, they we in Iyore the magical place they lived

Neonracoon: Butter ran past and stopped. He went backwards to do a double take. "Oh hi guys!"Butter called.

Rockythebunny13: their eyes opened,one of the effects from traveling there once they were talked to they were sent back, Lacey opened her eyes and shoke her head," Mimi I though I told you i was taking a nap, oh wait, hi butter!" Mimi opened her eyes to "where the canoe! I'm going drown! Oh wait, I'm back, oh, hi butter.."

Neonracoon: "Were you guys just back in Iyore?" The two bunnies nodded their heads in agreement. "Oh...sorry for interrupting then..."

Rockythebunny13: "Oh, its ok!" Lacey said "i have seen you in a while haven't i?"

Rockythebunny13: "

Rockythebunny13: "I haven't either, but that's mainly my fault.."

Neonracoon: "I havent seen you guys either!"Butter meowed."..Why is it your fault, Mimi?"

Rockythebunny13: "I fail to come out and stay in Iyore all the time.." She looked at the floor kicking a pebble on the ground "don't be a silly butt! You wer never this shy when only I saw you! Why are you know?" Lacey said

Rockythebunny13: "I'm not really sure," "it's like we swapped places!" Lacey barked

Rockythebunny13: Mimi wasn't sure what to do, selience was upon them.. "Um wanna come to Iyore? Or something?"

Neonracoon: Butter suddenly snapped out of his awkward silence. "Sure!"

Rockythebunny13: "Ok,grab on." Mimi grabbed Lacey and butters hand and they were transported into the little hut

Neonracoon: Butter stretched. "Ahhh, it's good to be back."

Rockythebunny13: "want anything?" Lacey asked "um some fruit salad?" Mimi asked "sure! And your butter!"

Neonracoon: "Sure! I'll have some too!"

Rockythebunny13: "ok!" She hopped outside grabbed the fruits and came back walked them and tossed them into a bowl. She then made smaller portions and gave them to each one of her friends

Rockythebunny13: Mimi grabbed her bowl and ate hers quickly

Rockythebunny13: she returned her bowl and sat back down on the couch

Neonracoon: Butter ate his salad, enjoying the delicious Iyorian fruits. "Mmmmm"

Rockythebunny13: "I'm gald you like it!" Lacey said " what do we do now though?" "Maybe we can race through that rapids again!" Mimi suggested

Neonracoon: Butter finished his salad and got up. "Racing in rapids?! Count me in!"

Rockythebunny13: "Then let's go!" Mii raced outside and grabbed the conoes. "Lacey you coming?" Mimi asked "na I'll take a nap instead" Lacey replied

Rockythebunny13: mimi took her canoe and handed butter his "ok suit yourself,"

Neonracoon: Butter grabbed his canoe and went out of the hut to the river.

Rockythebunny13: "ready?" Mimi asked as she set up her canoe

Neonracoon: Butter hopped into his canoe and began untying it. "Ready!"

Rockythebunny13: "then let's go!" She jumped in and the rapids pulled her in quickly racing down the river

Neonracoon: "Wheeeeee!"

Rockythebunny13: "WOOHOO!!" Mimi yelled as she raced down she turned around to yell to butter" butter get ready! We are about to go down a large waterfall! "

Neonracoon: "A water-what?! Sorry I can't hear you over the rapi-iiiiiiids" trailed off Butter as he fell down the waterfall

Neonracoon: He passed Mimi when falling "So THIS is why we needed to be strapped in!" He yelled over the roar of the falls.

Rockythebunny13: "Eeyup!" Mimi yelled "that was fun right?!"

Neonracoon: "Much fun!" Butter yelled back. "This yelling is fun too! YELL!"

Rockythebunny13: she giggled "well you ready? I know a secret passageway with and bunch waterfall and rapids!

Neonracoon: "A passageway?" Butter's eyes sparkled.

Rockythebunny13: "Yeah, it's really fun!"

Neonracoon: "Lead the way, milady!"Butter mewed, bowing

Rockythebunny13: Mimi took the lead infront of butter and lead a way through a hidden river the rapids and little rivers started with beatiful scenery (I'm drawing this btw)

Neonracoon joined the chat 35 minutes ago

Neonracoon: Butter:Whoa (I did that in text to speech)

Rockythebunny13: "you ready? The rapids and waterfalls start no-oooooow she fell down a 10 feet waterfall

Neonracoon: "Woohoo!"

Rockythebunny13: "Hoaoawwwowo arerere dodoinng" Mimi said as she was going down the bumping rapids

Neonracoon: "Goowowod!"

Rockythebunny13: the bumping rapids where done but there was one big finsh the giant waterfall at the end

Rockythebunny13: "get ready!!!! There's a gigantic waterfall!"

Neonracoon: "A giant one?! Aweso-ooooooome!"

Rockythebunny13: The two fell down the waterfall which lead back to the hut,Mimi pulled over and got out "that was fun wasn't it?"

Neonracoon: Butter also got out of his canoe. He was thouroghly shaken, so at first he wobbled around a bit, but then regained balance. "Are you kidding?! That was great!"

Rockythebunny13: "well, I'm ga

Rockythebunny13: ld you have fun!"

Rockythebunny13: Mimi walked into the hut and grabbed a satchel and filled it with some shovels and pick axes "hey Lacey! Wanna come treasure hunting with us?"

Neonracoon: "Much fun was had indeed!"

Neonracoon: "Treasurrrrre!"

Rockythebunny13: she yawned "yeah sure!" Lacey shouted let's go!" She raced out of her bunk bed and grabbed the satchel from Mimi's hand

Neonracoon: "Treasure is out there! Tis our job to find it!"

Rockythebunny13: i finished the picture wanna see?)


Rockythebunny13: "tis indeed, but butter we are not pirates," Lacey giggled while Mimi walked behide her, "let's go!" Mimi yelled

Neonracoon: We've got us a map! (A map!) to take is to a hidden box that's all locked up with locks! (with locks!) and buried deep away~ We'll dig up the box! (The box!) We know it's full of precious booty! Burst open the locks! (The locks!) and then we shout HOORAY! 

Neonracoon: (Butter is singing this as they look for treasure X3)

Rockythebunny13: mimi giggled and so did Lacey they enjoyed butters little jingle as they search a burrow

Rockythebunny13: Open

Rockythebunny13: "I THINK I FOUND SOMETHING!" Mimi yelled to the others she had hit something with her shovel

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Rockythebunny13: "Hi ho hi oh it's off to check we go!~" Lacey sang as she went to go check it out

Neonracoon: Butter dashed over, still singing the treasure tune. "We'll dig up the box! (The box!) We know it's full of precious booty! Burst open the locks! (The locks!) and then we shout HOORAY!"

Rockythebunny13: Mimi pulled out the chest with the help of butter and pick axed the locks

Neonracoon: Seeing that this point of the song had been accomplished, Butter proceeded to shout "HOORAY!"

Rockythebunny13: Lacey opened the chest and found some berries, fluff, seeds leather and other viroius "that's a pretty good haul if I do say so myself" Mimi said "come on let's go take this back," the bunny started hopping down the river

Rockythebunny13: They had finally reached their destination and put the supplises away

Neonracoon: Butter continued the treasure tune, skipping along as the other two bunnies carried the box. "We've got us a map! To to take us to a hidden box~"

Rockythebunny13: "well I think it's been a day, it time to go back," Mimi said

Neonracoon: "Awwww it's so fun here!"

Rockythebunny13: " I know butter by we can't stay here forever"

Rockythebunny13: mimi grabbed Butters paw and Lacey's as well and they left Iyore and was brought back to delicacies park

Rockythebunny13: " well it was nice seeing you butter," Lacey said "Agreed, see you later!" Mimi shouted

Neonracoon: "Bye!"Butter meowed, and headed back to Neon's house

Image by rockythebunny13

Another rp XD
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