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Trinity The Friendship Catton by rockythebunny13 Trinity The Friendship Catton by rockythebunny13

NeonRacoon did sketch, WingsThePhoenix did lines, and finally me, rockythebunny13, colored, shaded and added background
Name: Trinity

Owner:  rockythebunny13, NeonRacoon, and WingsThePhoenix 
Species: Catton Candy
Gender: Female
Rarity: ultra-rare
Flavor:  Orange Creme Friendship delight
Baker: rockythebunny13 and alexgaskarth-jpeg 
Personiality: Trinity is a very friendly and bubbly catton, greating everyone with a smile. She tries to be the best that she can for everyone around her, and make everyone happy at all times. This is mostly inherited by Rocky. Even though she's like this, she is sometimes scared of large crowds all surround her and doing things she hasn't done before. This is mostly inherited by Neon. Even though she's happy like this most of the time, do not cross or make her jealious of something. She has a dark side that no one must know about. For when you cross her or such, she will turn evil. Her Wngs will turn into one of like a dragon and eyes red. Her pelt and tail will darken in color. This is mostly inherited by Wings. She has glasses to help her sight and for reading, she has wings for flight, and she wears a bow because cuteness.

She absolutily loves reading, flying, and being a bug funny derp for her friends
She absolutily hates people are mean, being left out from anything, and People who eat cotton candy infront of her
She is absolutily scared when people eat cotton candy infront of her, dying, and being left out of anything

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May 19, 2015
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