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Starclanchosen Eclipsestar by rockythebunny13 Starclanchosen Eclipsestar by rockythebunny13

Hnnggg Eclipsestarbae kitten ;w;
N/A means no btw
Name: Eclipsekit, Eclipsepaw Eclipsestar
Prefix: Eclipse
Suffix: Star
Gender: Female
Rank: Leader
Mentor/Apprentice: ???/none
Age: 22 moons
Personality: Eclipsestar is very blunt and cold-hearted and always has been after her sister's death. Since that day she swore to avenge Lightpaw and would fight to the death if she had to. Eclipse often keeps to herself and tends to make choices after a good few minutes of thinking and has all the determination in the world. Every half moon Eclipse heads out to the river Lightpaw drowned in and sleeps there underneath the stars, hoping to see her sister once more and for her sister to see her from Starclan.
History: 22 moons ago Eclipsekit and her sister Lightkit were born. One shone with fur dark as night during an eclipse, other with fur shining bright white and yellow. They were best friends from the start, always sticking close to one another and protecting and supporting one another. It was only a few days after they both came apprentices something went wrong. Dewclan decided to break into a war with Moonclan, invading their territory and camp. The kits and apprentices were told to flee to camp yet Eclipse didn't want to leave, she wanted to protect her camp, her home. Of course, that caused Lightpaw to want to stay behind with her sister. Eclipse refused to let her stay, making her run to go get protection. After enough convincing, Lightpaw quickly hugged her sister before running away eyes closed with tears pouring out. While running away, Lightpaw tripped over a tree branch and sprained her paw, causing her to stumble into the river. She tried to swim but she could with one paw down. She flailed as she sank into the river. The dewclan warriors took note of the drowning kitten and tried to help, following the clan code but the cat was too far in and flailing too much to be saved. Lightpaw slowly sank to the bottom, out of breath from trying to save her life. A young Troutpaw noticed the kitten slowly sinking to the bottom and dove in after it, crawing out with a barely alive Lightpaw. Her last breath was only a few second after she was pulled out. 'Lightpaw! lightpaw! I defended our home! Its safe now! Lightpaw?!" a young Eclipsepaw called out, searching for her sister "If your playing hide and seek now it not the time!' Eclipse then turned to Lightpaw laying down surrounded by Moonclan and Dewclan members, one dewclan member being Troutpaw. Eclipse stared in horror ~S-she can't be~ She ran toward her sister, pushing through the cats surrouding. Eclipsepaw started to cry as what she thought she saw was confirmed.....Her sister, her dear beloved sister, was dead. She slowly curled around Lightpaw, pouring tears. Eclipse yelled out in sadness "ITS ALL YOUR FAULT DEWCLAN! YOU DID NOTHING TO SAVE HER WHILE I TRIED TO PROTECT US! OUR HOME! YOU'RE SUPPOSE TO FOLLOW THE CODE!.....I-I....I SWEAR ON THIS DAY......I-I.....Ill get revenge.....Ill- Ill honor my sister...' Eclipse laid her head ontop of Lightpaw's back As the warriors left to their clans. Troutpaw was the last to leave, wanting to say something to Eclipse but was too scared too. He scampered off to his mentor, leaving Eclipse and Light to lay there underneath the sky. Every half moon after, Eclipse traveled to the same spot she spent the last moments with Lightpaw, hoping she could see her again and maybe Lightpaw could see her from Starclan. It was about 7 moons later when she became leader of Moonclan, keeping her promise to her sister.
Mate: N/A
Kits: N/A
Breed: Bombay/??? mix
Orientation: Straight
Likes: the night, the moon, stars, her sister (Lightpaw)
Dislikes: Water, Dewclan,
Family: Down below
Mother: N/A
Father: N/A
Brothers: N/A
Sisters: Lightpaw (dead)

 ||Relationships Information||
Bullet; Purple Family
Death Dead
Star! Mentor/Apprentice
Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedDespises
Bullet; RedBullet; RedLoathes
Bullet; RedHate
Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; BlackUnsure
Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackDistrust/Discomfort/Fear
Bullet; BlackAcquaintance
Bullet; YellowRespect
Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow Admire
Bullet; Orange Irritating/Annoying
Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange Jealous of
Bullet; BlueLikes
Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueFriends
Bullet; GreenBest Friends
Bullet; PinkCrush/Attraction
Bullet; PinkBullet; PinkProminent/Solitary Crush
Bullet; WhiteLove
Bullet; WhiteBullet; WhiteCan't Live Without

Bullet; BlackBullet; RedBullet; YellowBullet; BlueTroutstar - Is probably the most decent out of all the leaders to Eclipse. He has determination but is mostly relaxed, doesn't do anything without thining or doesn't take too long to do something/point something out. Hates sometimes though as Eclipse thinks all his clan is responsible for his sister's death moons ago and he was at the scene of the crime, giving more reason to hate him for not helping her sister, even though he was the one to retrive her body. Respects as he is a leader
Bullet; BlackBullet; RedBullet; OrangeBullet; YellowSparrowstar - Is always to happy for Eclipse, finds very annoying with all her smiles and energy and her never taking anything seriously. Just because Eclipse hates her, doesn't mean she should disrespect a leader.
DeathBullet; WhiteBullet; GreenBullet; PurpleLightpaw - drowned while trying to escape Dewclan's invasion of Moonclan's territory and camp. Caused Eclipse to become all cold-hearted. Felt like they were the best of friends and loved her very much
Bullet; BlackBullet; OrangeBullet; YellowBullet; BlueFlurrystar - Is always very demanding for respect and finds it irritating. Likes because of his determination but thinks some times he takes it too far and makes stupid mistakes.  Respects as he is a leader
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