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PKMNation Mother's Day Event by rockythebunny13 PKMNation Mother's Day Event by rockythebunny13
I wanted to get this up eariler, I really really did
But Rocky has some explanatory backstory for this being up a bit late

Ok so I was originally was planning to do a special picture with me and the NeonRacoon bae's pokemon, Petal and Prancer
I had it all ready on Sunday, colored and everything. I decided to do my bae NeonRacoon because she gave something to Wings, so I was like

"Ok lets do this three way thing again like we always do ^^"
but I held off posting it for a day, only to find we weren't doing the three way thing sooo yeah

Then yesterday, WingsThePhoenix NeonRacoon and I met up, and well

Wings felt like she was becoming the third wheel again

She kept pointing out how she met Neon first but I've become closer to Neon than she has, (Which I honest think that's true a bit...and feel a bit guilty now) How she was drifting from us again, and she started making sad phoenix noises. So then I was like

"Maybe I should leave DA for a few days......So you two can get together ya' know?......Without me butting in"

Then Wings was like if you went Neon would be sad and the fun would be limited between us two and stuff.

So then I was like, ~WHAT THE CRUD AM I SUPPOSE TO DO NOW?!~, then I glance over my picture. ~AHA! ILL ASK IF I COULD INCLUDE TWO CHILDREN WITH TWO DIFFERENT MOTHERS!~ And they didn't get back to me today saying I can soo


Um that's the reasoning for me taking longer than I wanted with this. Hope you guys like....

Petal, Prancer, Ruine, and Cottondust gain 6 levels
Petal gains 4 extra event levels
Ruine gain 6 extra event levels
refs:… Petal… Prancer… Ruine… Cottondust
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May 12, 2015
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