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Despite everything, its still you (Animation) by rockythebunny13 Despite everything, its still you (Animation) by rockythebunny13
2016 was probably the worst year I lived,, but I've met so many wonderful people this year too. I would like to sincerely thank everyone who's managed to stick with me and what I've done,, 

I know I said I was going to talk about how I haven't been posting much, and well,, I am
It's probably apparent I've been suffering from depression, I have been since late January/early February. Around the same time I tried committing suicide multiple times, I obviously failed though,, I've tried recently too by cutting myself but pikathelover managed to stop me. I still havent gotten over my depression,, and I'm still going days were I feel like the worst person in the world and that I shouldnt exist at all,, thats why I havent been posting or during anything much and I'm sorry if you really do like my art.

Everyone in this photo means so much to me, despite only knowing most of you for not even a year (besides NeonRacoon, rigbeetle, and @/wingsthephoenix) I want you all to know you mean so much to me, and that without you guys I might really not be here. You've made me feel so much better on days I've been down, and have managed to support me through so much of this year that the words im about to write about all of you wont convey the place you hold in my heart.

The oldest friend I have on this picture no doubt, and probably one of the closest. You've managed to stay with me since April 4, 2014, thats almost 3 years. You've seen my best, my worst, and you've been there to support me through it all. Despite everything I've done, despite everything I put you through, you've stayed with me and my horrible self, and I cannot explain how much you mean to me. We've had countless calls, chats, roleplays, and random moments I wouldnt trade for the world, and I remember every single one of them. Im proud to call you my bae, and probably the bestest friend I will ever have throughout my lifetime. I could possible go on and on about how much you mean to me, but I need to continue on. I cant wait for the day were we can meet up and hug each for 10 minutes straight, and I hope to god that day comes soon

I haven't know you as long as Neon, but it sure is close. Same with what I mentioned above with Neon, you've managed to stay with me through almost 3 years as well and the hell I put you through. You're such a sweet and amazing person Rigby, and I know you feel like you aren't, but believe me when I say you are. Your art is amazing, and your personality is just so funny and amazing that I'm glad to call you my bae as well. We've haven't talked much in recent time, but that doesn't make you any less special to me, and that I'm always here to talk too when you're feeling horrible.

You'll probably wont see this considering the circumstances, but that doesnt change my opinion to include you in this and this picture. I don't blame you for leaving me after all I did, I really dont. I was being really toxic and irrational.....and im sincerely sorry, im so so sorry,,, I was just so afraid of losing you all, and that I was going to be left behind the in dust...I've almost know you for 3 years as well, and dear god did I love every moment we spent together. From the countless roleplays, chats, pictures, and calls we exchanged with each other, they all live on in my memories of when we were all happy together. From the bottom of my heart I hope you understand that still love you, I really really do, and that someday you'll be able to come back to me,,, Until then, I'll be waiting here

Part of the new squad on this whole picture, I genuinely didn't think I would find someone as sweet and cool as you just at random. I remember the first day Neon found you, and I had to come in and introduce her to you because she was scared too. Little did I know what I would find is another meme to talk to and joke around with. I know you're struggling with depression still, and all I can say is that I am here for you, and I will always try to be. You mean as much as the others in this picture mean to me, and thats a whole lot. I'm always up for a talk if you just need someone to be around with. Please continue on living, and being a wonderful person with amazing art, ok bae?

I know you're often the subject of my rage in Splatoon, and I'm honestly happy you dont take me seriously and manage not to hate me for it. You're a really chill person Chaowie, and I'm really grateful for meeting someone like you. I look forward to all the rest of the time we spend together in the future, and many more matches in Splatoon.

I know we haven't known each other long, but you mean just as much as the people here, honestly!! You're such a wonderful person, I really mean it. Your personality, art, everything about you is so sweet and pure. I hope you always manage to stay happy in times in doubt and sad, and if there's anytime you need to talk to someone, or your just really nervous about something, I'm always open to a chat !!

Take me by the hand let us to the land
That you understand
Joke's aside, you're a really cool guy Yoshi. I might not hang out or talk with you as much as the others, but you're still really important to me. The time we have spent together has been really enjoyable, and I'm sorry for all the pain and sceams I've caused you during Splatoon XD You're a really awesome person Yoshi, don't change ok ? Here's to more moments we spend together in 2017

 Kry, words cannot express how thankful I am to you. You reached out to me when my depression first started, and brought me to all these wonderful people that take up almost all the picture. Without you, I wouldn't have met anyone here, and probably be suffering so much more then I am now. You're an amazing person Kry, please believe me. I know you're suffering from depression as well, and i beg of you to try and reach out to me when you need someone, anyone. I might not feel the best at the time, but Ill try so hard to make you feel better about yourself. I love your personalty, art, just what you do. Please continue to express yourself through precious art, and talk/be with me.

I swear to god Pika, where do I start with you? You've been through so much with me, and I love you so much for putting up with me. As we're in a call right now, I truly appreciate how you tried to make me feel better about myself and help me while I'm broken down thanks to my depression. We've talked for countless hours, memed about so many things, I love every moment I spend with you. We've been through so much together, and I can go on and on about what we've experienced and helped each other through. I hope to god we can manage to spend so much more time together in 2017, and we have a lot more fun experiences to do.

Never would I imagine I would talk to and be close with a person I looked up too for a long period of time. Words couldn't explain how happy I was when you accepted my friend quest on the wii u back then, and how much you mean to me now. You're a really amazing person Candy !! Although I might not comment on art your art as frequently as I used to, I still managed to favorite every one of your pieces because I love them so much, and I hope every comment I have left to you conveys that. It's not only your art that I love about you though, your personality is really great though it might be v e r y sin-nish at times. Please continue being a great person, and here's to the time we'll spend together through out 2017

The quite literal embodiment of a meme, I love you so much Yams !! You've been able to make me laugh or smile even when I felt really bad about myself, and thats what's so likable about you. You can manage to make anyone feel better, whether it be me, Kry, or the rest of us you hang out with. Keep on being great and here's to more memes to do in 2017

I know I might not talk to you that much Keturah, but you still mean a lot to me. I really appreciate how you've been there for Kry when she's needed it. You're a really sweet and great person overall !! Please continue to be as great at art and being as sweet as you are now!

I know this might a bit all over the place? but Im trying to write all my feelings and thoughts down in one sitting, and I couldnt help but cry or take breaks in between writing messages to you lovely people because it took so much out of me aaa

I sincerely thank everyone who've I've met this year, and everyone above. I love you all with all my heart, and I cant thank you enough for being with me through 2016 despite what kind of person I am.
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NintenDash Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2017   Digital Artist
im so late to seeing this but aaah im so blessed im included im love you SO MUCH ,
SaccharoKirby Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2016   Digital Artist
Daw it's alright my dear.  I had no idea these things happened and I'm sorry to hear that.  You aren't the only ones suffering, we're all human and gotta face these things N-ways, regardless of the difficulty.

Muahahaha, prepare for the sin gurl! Get better than ever and always keep your chin up, pep!
snowylynxx Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
rocky omg  everything you said was so sweet i literally cried tears out of my eyes i didnt even know how to respond until now,,, baby,,,,,  i want you know that i love you very very much and that you mean so much to me and that seeing you even LOOK at anything i post makes my day literally i cant even express in words how happy i am that we found each other. i will always be there for you and if you need to come and talk to me ANY time literally i am 90% sure that anything thats bothering you has been my mortal enemy ok!! you're a great person and you should continue to be awesome and as sweet as you can possibly be!!!! i believe in you!! just remember that while 2016 was a pain at least now we have 2017 to look forward to and hope that it doesnt screw us over. i mean from rock bottom you can only go up ahah. you're a great person ok stay great and i wish you happy times in 2017 <333333333333333
CometStarDraggin Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You almost made me cry Rocky I'm too emotional for my own good haha, It's so awesome that you care for everyone so much.
It just comes to show how much of a wonderful angel you are at heart. I love Rocky and always will, even if you don't talk
that much one on one <33
YoshiMan1118 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2016
Oh wow...... I didn't know these things about you, Rocky. It's sad to find out how you really feel, and what you've contemplated so many times, but then it warms my heart knowing that despite not knowing this, or knowing you for too long, what I've done to help you feel better. :m Like that time we did the Rose Army thing. Despite my not liking the character(personality-wise), and non-willingness to join it, when the others mentioned doing it... I thought about how it woulda felt, missing out on Halloween after preparing for it so much, but not being able to go out due to sickness, and I felt really bad for you... So out of respect for you, I went ahead and joined in on it. :v I'll admit, it was super fun. XD I sincerely hope that made you feel better. :]

I don't truly know what's going on in your personal life to make you feel the way you do, but please... be strong... Don't let it tear you down even more. I wish nothing but better days for you.

And about what you said to everyone listed here..... it was very moving. And I greatly commend those who are in the thick of it with you, through all the good and the bad times. It takes a lot to go through what you're going through, alone... But having people that are there for you, whether they're there physically, or not... really helps to lift a person up. I know this feeling, from when my 1st pet passed away. I was filled with nothing but sadness, and hopelessness for a good few days (thankfully it was only days, and not weeks, or years.) Alone, I woulda cried my eyes out for all eternity. But I had my family by my side to uplift me and tell me things to ease my mind about the situation, and help cope with the loss of a pet that was so special to me for more than half of my life, at the time. (I was 18 at this point)

I still think about my passed pets, and I even think more about a time when my Mom was minutes....... MINUTES from death... but she's pulled through those horrible times..... And we endured it with her. I may seem like a happy, care-free, goofball of a guy, but I've been through pain. It sucks...... But I don't want to live in pain. I want happiness. I want others to be happy. So I strive for happiness through being optimistic, and funny(well...... MY sense of funny. :v May not be agreeable with others). I can only hope you try the same. Life is worth being enjoyed. You've not even lived half of your life yet........ There will be a turning point for you, and it will get better. You just have to be strong, and stay strong. I believe in you so much. :m

Anyways........ all that said..... Just a little touch up on what you said about me. :v EVERYONE causes me pain and makes me scream in Splatoon. :v That's just how it has to be. :n (All in good fun, tho. I never take games I play too seriously.) It wouldn't be fun if I wasn't making an ass out of myself with friends, by coming up with the salty quotes, and the goofy screams, and noises I make. :v
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