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DTA Paint Pallete cupcake Snakatoo Entry by rockythebunny13 DTA Paint Pallete cupcake Snakatoo Entry by rockythebunny13
Name: Kaycee
Gender: Female
Personiality: Kaycee is a snakatoo who thinks very creatively, always wanting to paint the world with a bit of joy and color. She also loves to meet new friends, although she isn't really good at it, too busy with art. She does have some art subject friends though. If you can't find Kaycee painting something, she's most likely hanging out with Berri, Cocoa and Mocha (her art subject friends). Her favorite color is rainbow and her hobbies are drawing, painting, sketching, and playing hide and seek or tag with Rocky's Snakatoos/Tinytoo.
Backstory: Ever since Kaycee was a small Snakatoo, she was fascinated with the subject of painting and decided to give it a try. As soon as she did, Kaycee fell in love with it and vowed to become the best artist she could possibly be. She continued to practice, she continued to get better. It wasn't until recently she thought ~If I am going to become an artist, I need to learn different art styles, learn things from a mentor...but how?~ That's when she came up with the idea of finding an owner....~If I get an owner, they can be my mentor! They can teach me things I can't do! they can help me become better! Lets do it! And I know the perfect way how~ She went to the main hub of Snakatoo Forest and put herself as a draw-to-adopt Snakatoo, ~This way I can choose my owner by looking at their art, if I like it, if I want to learn from them, I can go with them! And even if I have other people tryout for me and don't choose them, I learn some new things to try, right?~ She smiled greatly as she waited her entrants.
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June 30, 2015
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