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2D For The Sims 2 by rockysprings 2D For The Sims 2 by rockysprings
:bulletred:NB: Hit 'DOWNLOAD' to get the file
OK, I promised some of you guys to keep uploading my TS2 models of Gorillaz and all the connected, so here you are. Brand new 2-D. This one was also made in The Sims 2 Seasons. I haven't got the latest expansion packs due to lack of space on the hard drive... DOH! :dohtwo:
I encountered several problems while making it, and one of them is teeth mesh uses a single pattern for both upper and lower jaws, so when I 'removed' two front incisors on the image, in the game it came out like 2-D's lower incisors are also missing. :D ^^; Sorry, I'm a lamer.
I would like to thank the great hands at 3D graphics from for making the hair set closely resembling 2-D's hairstyle. It would take ages for me to make it while I only came around and downloaded it, so thanks guys! :peace:
I think you know how to install it, but for those who don't I repeat: un-RAR the archive, double click the .SIMS2PACK file, and enjoy. Installs automatically.
2-D © Jamie Hewlett
2-D's hairstyle © RAONSIMS.COM
TS2 model of 2-D © Rocky Springs
The Sims 2 Seasons © Maxis, Electronic Arts INC.
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January 22, 2009
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