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Hi guys, quick update.

I'm sorry for not uploading anything!  However, now I have access to a good quality camera, and will be uploading some more recent stuff soon.  I'm also going to start painting on the weekends (YES).

In other news, I'm getting my first paid commission (EEEEE).  I think I'll open them up here, soon.

Alraaaaaight, catch you later.
It's finally Winter Break!  You know what that means?

It means a SHITTON OF UPLOADS are on the way!  I'm dedicating this break to animating in flash and fooling around with Maya.  Very excited.  Most of the upload this break will be traditional artwork done in black and white from my drawing class.  I was required to take a basic drawing class... again.  But that's ok, because you can always learn something new from someone!

Hope everyone has a wonderful break!
Hi DA community!  I'm not a new DA member, as I have an account from many, many years ago. BUT...
I decided I need a stable place to keep uploading my artwork, so I came back after a long absence with a new account.

I hope anyone visiting enjoys the art I put up.  Feel free to leave comments!  I may be doing commissions in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks for visiting! C: