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Sweet Dreams are Made of These

My newest in the 80's Villain parody series!  I kinda think he looks more creepy with the Lisa Frank-80's neon-color burst, haha.
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i cant tell you, how much i love this ! its so awesome !!

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Wanna print this out on a pillow case is that ok?
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Are any of these pieces for sale? You could make a ton from your gift
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I'm guessing you wanted to do something different and not put the song Welcome To my Nightmare.
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My favorite song of all time La la la la Birb intensifies 
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XD This version of Freddy Krueger gives you dreams and happiness, instead of nightmares and death
3lly-rock-girl714's avatar
This is so rad, I would totally wear it as a shirt
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Wes Craven will be missed ;-;
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That made my night.
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I like it...
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Why did you not make it 'sweet screams are made of these?'
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LOL.. and are those Mork's suspenders??
I think it looks pretty cool in neon... positive colours, negative man.. ;)
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Sweet Dreams are Made of These?......

Who am I to disagree?
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Jason Voorhees with a reference to "Sweet Child O' Mine"!!!
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I think you are mistaken. Sweet Dreams is by Marilyn Mason.
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This has to made into a shirt!
I'd like this as a shirt, please
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This is my favorite one of the series. Freddy was scared the hell out of me as a child, but I also like the little touches such as the pins and the shading/depth on his cheek.  Again, phenomenal job!
Have you thought about doing Jason with "and I would walk 500 miles"? lol
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