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Shellshock: A G.I. Joe Turtle Trooper

Behold! Shellshock the Turtle Trooper Shadow Ninja! I have been wanting to make this ever since I got the idea a year or two ago. I finally had some spare time to get it together. I had a ton of fun drawing/painting it. Now I just need to figure out how to make custom figures to put out a line of them, haha. I think I'll do a Shredder next! I have ideas for a whole fleet of characters.
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If Leo's name is Shellshock what are the other turtles name.

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Now I'm wishing they had made that.
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NICE!!!!! There was also a Matt Traker from MASK done as a GI Joe. :-)
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I have that one! I love Mask too. I really hope they do well with the new movie.

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:-) I didn't know there was a movie planned. Hope they do better then IDW did with the comic.