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Metroid - Samus Suits Up

Metroid Samus Aran!!!!  I’ve been playing Super Metroid lately.  What a great game.  So, of course, I had to draw dear Samus.  I decided to draw her in my kid hero style with a couple tweaks since I wanted her to be a cute girl.  I took some inspiration from the Disney Animator’s Collection dolls.  Enjoy!!!
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Samus looks so cute, and to top off her adorableness is that little Metroid hairclip. It probably seems like a minor detail to some people, but I think it actually adds a lot to the drawing.

Well done! :clap:
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Hey thanks a ton!  I personally thought the metroid clip was genius.  Now I have to make some for my daughters.
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You're certainly welcome.
And hooray for petite, video game-themed hairclips! :dummy:
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It's Poppy from League........ I know it.
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Sammy! Great! 
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Great MP2/3 Power Suit! :D

Oh, and she's way too cuteLove 
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That is the most adorable samus i've ever seen fantastic job:D
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