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Joker - The Dreams In Which I'm Dying...

Another piece in my 80's Album cover series
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You did a brilliant job with the Joker here. :)
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If anyone's read The Killing Joke by Alan Moore: The essential Joker story then the song that should be most appropriate would be: "cuz you had a bad day"
Would you mind sharing what font that is? 
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That's lyrics from "Mad World", right?
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I think you're right. Hey there have been two versions, right? One by Gary Jules, the other by Tears for Fears?
GavinMichelli's avatar
I always forget about the original one, lol!
AngusMedfordArt's avatar
Dig that 80's vibe <3
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I need these all on t-shirts. Absolutely amazing.
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This is the best thing ever! Thank you very very very much!
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I've been doing a series of 80's Album art inspired mashups.  This one is inspired by the Joker and by Tears for Fears 80's song "Mad World."  Go youtube the song, its great, it might help it make sense.
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This was sure something, lol. Keep up the good work. :)
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Excellent addition! 
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