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Jaseo Bilby.

By rockycoot
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character belongs to :iconlurking-leanne:, hope ya don't mind lmao

i was only a little kid in 2007/2008, so outcast bandicoot is some really nice childhood nostalgia for me!

jaseo was always my favorite character! just loved that electric lunatic. still do. honestly, what a neat character
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OMG what a surprise to see after randomly deciding to log into this account :giggle: I don't mind at all, this is very kind and thoughtful of you! ^^ it's been a while since I saw much of Jaseo, so I really do appreciate this gift you've taken the time to draw up! He looks fantastic in your art style as well, you captured his feisty nature perfectly! :XD: I love it very much, thank you! ^^
(also had a peek through your gallery and damn, that's some nice Crunch art in there! I love classic styled Crunch. And those are some cool fancharacters. They're fantastic! I still love Crunch and the CB series too, even though I may not draw it much anymore. They'll always have a spot in my heart, no matter how much time goes by. I'll try and post some art in due time though!)
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OH man!! i'm so glad you like it! i felt a little goofy initially, but i'm relieved to know you appreciate it! :'0

and thanks so much too!! i admit i don't put an excess amount of effort into my CB art since i mostly do it to relax/wind down, but i'm really happy to hear you like my stuff , it's a big compliment. :star: crunch is so iconic honestly, bless you for giving him so much focus and fame over the years

ey as they say, go where the wind takes you, my main drawing subjects have changed drastically over the past few years- but i will admit seeing new CB art from you is always exciting though, buahaha!