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Willow's Legs - Nude

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Are you ready for her?

High-Res/Nude versions are available on Fanbox. Thank you for your support!

Willow's Legs by Rocky-Ace
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Those are very seductive feet she’s tempting me with....Well, aside from everything else....Very nice indeed!

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Thank you very much! I'm glad she's tempting. :D

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She looks beautiful. I wouldn't change a thing about her.

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Thank you very much. :)

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Proud of you!

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Bikini or naked... what matters are the pretty legs and bare feet. ;) :p

Rocky-Ace's avatar

And how she uses those feet. :)

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She is beautiful. What a lovely slit.

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Damn yes I'm ready for her.... ;) I'd have her feed me her nice milk from her gorgeous breasts if I could, then sit her booty on and rub it on my face while I'd grope it..and then I'd pound her, starting with her bouncing on me. Then...if I could...I'd pound as deep as I could into her, doggy style....and release deep inside of her..and lick her area...:D Then...I'd kiss her and tongue kiss her... ;p

This is truly sexy...Willow is one of my top favorite OCs of yours alongside the sexy Lily... ;) This art keeps getting sexier and sexier each day, and that's a good thing. :D

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Thank you very much!

TheSteveIrwinFan6836's avatar

Yep! She and Lily are, in my opinion, the sexiest OCs of yours ever! :D

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Hot damn 😍

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Better, THIS is what you showed in the preview XD, not the "censored" version.

PS: would you like to give a look to my last drawing of Tifa and place your opinion about her?

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Yep, can't start with the dessert. Heh.

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Invitingly sexy and erotically gorgeous

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