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Mrs. Armstrong

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Happy Mothers Day! This is the first drawing of a beautiful woman that happens to be the mother of my OC Lily.

I only had a bit over a day to make this but I think she turned out really well, expect to see more of this busty MILF in the future! 

The high-res version of this drawing is available on my Fanbox if you're interested in supporting my works!
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Wow... now I know from who Lily took her "developed" chest even if I think that the rest of her face came from her father. I know that it could be strange from you but you could draw her father as well.

Also... Armstrong, mh? I could say "Bigchest" as well XD.

Rocky-Ace's avatar

Lily father is a human, her biological father is someone else that I don't plan to show for a while.

Heh, the name comes from he husband. :)

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She could easily change her surname to "Mrs. Boobstrong" or something like that (forgive me if the pun was stupid).

Rocky-Ace's avatar

Hehe, the name fits. :D

ViniciusTheVile's avatar

Yes, but the pun could've been a lot better...

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Great idea! I'll look forward to seeing more of her :D

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Thanks! I look forward to drawing her as well. :D

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Thank you for debuting this ultra sexy OC on Mother’s Day!
Rocky-Ace's avatar

You're welcome! :D

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Enchantingly sexy and invitingly bouncy

Rocky-Ace's avatar
Your welcome 🙏
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:wow: :heart: ASTONISHING BRO! Did u mix in some grey with her hair color because it looks greyish to me a bit

Rocky-Ace's avatar

Thank you!

No grays but desaturated pinks/reds.

KaijuMaster107's avatar

more faded then her daughters? Wait how old is she?

Rocky-Ace's avatar

More pale yes.

I don't have plans to reveal her age right now for various reasons. :)

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If you ask my opinion (that I'm already giving even if not asked) her age is irrelevant being a She-Elf.

Rocky-Ace's avatar

For her looks, yes age isn't a big deal as elves age so very slowly.

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