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Kale's Controlled Rage

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Is Kale about to master SSJ? Find out next time on Dragon Ball SUPER!

High-Res/Nude versions are available on Fanbox and Gumroad.

Kale is also part of my latest Gumroad pack.

Gumroad character Pack #9 by Rocky-Ace
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Your welcome 🙏
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Gohan: Set your rage free and use it as a weapon. Only then can you properly control it.
Kale: I see, thank you very much. You give very good advice.
Gohan:You're welcome. I learned that from a friend.
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When properly channeled, a rage energy can do wonders to its owner. ;)

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You are welcome :D

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So pretty, I feel like people don't appreciate Kale enough

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Thanks, I agree. Hopefully she will get more attention in the future.

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Looks nice :3

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Actually, watching the image, I asked myself: "Is she going to turn into Legendary Super Saiyan or what?"

Anyway, the little lines of light of her aura are cool. Is not exactly simple to make them, right?

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I thought about having her turn Legendary, but when she does she bulks up so I decided to just have her try to master SSJ.

The aura lines can be simple depending on how you make them. I spread dots all over then used motion blur in both directions to get that effect, I also adjusted the opacity to look best.

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awesome work!

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Speaking as a lifelong Dragon Ball fan, this interpretation of Kale ROCKS THE DRAGON!! :D

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Thank you very much dude!

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