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Kale SSJ

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Kale has achieved SSJ!

High-Res/Nude versions are available on Fanbox and Gumroad.

Kale is also part of my latest Gumroad pack.

Gumroad character Pack #9 by Rocky-Ace
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We're going through her stages and I love it.

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GHood thing she learnt to channel her unmeasured rage into willpower and martial prowess. This was the condition for her to attain her first Super Saiyan state. :)

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This form probably isn’t stronger than Berserk Mode, but it’s damn sure more practical.
Rocky-Ace's avatar

Indeed, I'm sure she could maintain normal SSJ for so much longer that her berserk mode.

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I’m ✍️ a story where Goku never meets Chi-Chi, and yet grows up with and later falls in love with Kale instead. The story begins in Dragonball, and will go all the way to current. Yet; the story is set in an parallel reality of Universe Seven, and Goku and Kale have an family of their own.

However; Kale isn’t the only one who escapes planet Sadala’s destruction, as Caulifla is sent off world at the same time.

Kale and Goku end up having an daughter they named Leek, and has an higher potential level than her parents.

She is even able to combine her SSJ4 form with her SSJ3 and Ultra Instinct; into an new Saiyan form she calls Super Saiyan Primal Instinct. The hair length is that of her SSJ3 form; yet is black in color like in her base Saiyan form, and combines the agility of Ultra Instinct; with the strength of her SSJ3 form.

Unlike Goku; she chose to keep her tail, and as an result; trained in her Ozaru form so her emotions are kept in check while transforming.

In her Ikari form; Leek is stronger than her mother, and isn’t controlled by her emotions; due to the training regimen she put herself through.

Leek looks like her mother for the most part; yet has Goku’s hair, and her “aunt” Caulifla’s style when it comes to fashion and training gear.

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your welcome 🙏

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How do you draw sexy female bodies like this one? Can you tell me? Please?

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I really don't have any easy answers, it took me years of drawing and studying drawings I liked along with real human anatomy this to get to this point. You have to work at it quite hard for a long time to see results.

FantasyRebirth96's avatar

I just want someone to leave constructive comments on my drawings.

I made this but I didn't get much feedback. I want someone to comment on this drawing. What I did "wrong", what I did "right" and then some. Am I making sense?

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OK. She's a Super Saiyan. So what? Everyone knows that the first transformation is a step that basically every Saiyan is able to achieve.

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Kale was never able to go regular Super Saiyan, her "SSJ" was the bulky berserk variation. It seems she overcame the berserk part of the transformation, but she's still bulky.

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Ahhh... the Super Saiyan version of Trunks against Cell.

Basically the Legendary form BUT slowed by the muscles and with a giant consume of energy. Basically Broly's form without being Broly XD.

Rocky-Ace's avatar

You are correct! She's very much a female Broly.

Epic-JP's avatar

Maybe. But surely she has not his "devastating charm" XD.

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She did it! She mastered the SSJ form without destroying Sadala!
Rocky-Ace's avatar

It's amazing! :D

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are you also gonna draw her in her berserker form?

Rocky-Ace's avatar

Thanks! I may in a new drawing of her. :)

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