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Little sketchy.
I have been watching "Aria" recently. I love it Q_Q
[link] Beautiful song :heart:

Drawing this made me happy.

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This is beautiful. I can see the work devoted to each line
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Can i please, use it as a paint in one of my draw ? You'll be credited, for sure.
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I really like the style of the face on this one!
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What did you use to colour it? It's a very lovely picture! ^^
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Thank you :)
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wooooow so cool how do u color this ? it's awesome
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This is just beautiful. Not much else I can say but that.
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The colors is perfect and her eyes is beautiful!
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Is Aria an anime? She looks like you! =3
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yes, it's an anime. too bad it isn't more pupular because its just wonderful ;__;!
like me? lol
she's too beautiful to look like me |D
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Oh, then I'll give it a try!
I think you're very pretty! ^_^
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Oh weh, Lindas Ungebildetheit: was ist Aria?
Das Bild ist total hübsch, ich liebe ihre Schmetterlingsblume! Erinnert mich an die Blumen bei Arielle XD

Schade, dass es mit der Buchmesse nicht geklappt hat v___v
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Aria ist so ein toller Anime *__* Wie son Ghiblifilm: total konfliktfrei xD
Aber so schön, das spielt im Venedig der Zukunft.
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Klingt ja hübsch *__*
Das merk ich mir, wenn ich zuhause bin, schau ich mal danach :-)
Muss eh noch die zweite Fairy Tail Episode gucken!
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both soo beautiful X33
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shes so beautiful, the flower is soo beautiful <:3 X3
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this is so beautiful :faint: !!!
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...I'm going to miss Kawai Eri's voice.

Gorgeous picture too, love the limited palette. *is very envious of anyone who can use watercolour*
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She had a wonderful voice :)
woooaa she looks gorgeus!
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Aria is just great!

The thing I like best about this picture is the area of her lips and the lower part of her nose. :heart: I guess it looks really delicate or something.
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Oh my gosh...
She's utterly beautiful! You did an awesome job on the hair, plus her lips and eyes are amazing! That flower just takes the cake... Gawwrsh! This is just a beautiful picture in general! *O*
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