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I told myself I would never do it, but this name is so unrelevant anymore.  Also, I've used the name "RoyTheFlamboyant" since... two months after I started Smash?  So, almost three years, I think.  It still retains relevancy, which is saying a lot.  Uh, also, I sign everything "RTF".  :iconcapitalxcapitaldplz:

Anyway, my point is, I'll probably run through my watch list and re-watch the people that still talk to me.  I'd appreciate it if you'd watch me back as well if my art still interests you.

It might take me a while to completely abandon this account (which I might not even do entirely), so I'll be back and forth between them.  I'll up a notice for when you can stop watching this account.  Of course, if you don't like me anymore, what's to say you won't unwatch me anyway.  xD  

All in all, it's up to you guys whether or not you'll follow me.  I won't be offended if you don't, but I know a few of you would not mind knowing my new account.  xD


I'll change that icon eventually, I swear.  xD
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Yesterday afternoon, I went to an occupational medical center (along with my grandma and :icondynamiteraver:)to get an exam for a job I might be getting soon (and hopefully, 'cause it is some fat pay *w*).  My appointment was at 2:00pm.  I didn't leave from the waiting room until 3:15 to go back to get my exam done, so this is fantastic already.

The nurse that took me back told me that she would be collecting a hair sample for drug testing.  She grabs her scissors, telling me she won't take much hair because she doesn't need that much, and proceeds to snip off a good inch of my hair in the back.  When she brought her hand back around and showed me the hair she had cut I didn't think it looked too bad, so I shrugged it off.

Next, I was off to lift weights!  I was supposed to lift fifty pounds, a bit higher than chest level onto a shelf.  Or at least that's what the sheet I signed in the lobby said.  Apparently, they don't factor in the possibility that not every one is over five feet tall.  So, by "chest level", they meant "way above my head".  The lady told me to go ahead and move the box, and then told me that there was only one way that I should lift the box.  It was a tiny wooden crate with handles.  You could only lift by the handles.  So, lifting by the handles, I got it up as high as I could, which was about the level of my face because the shelf was another six or so inches above me.  I failed that test because I could only get 35 pounds above my head.  xD  WHICH IS UNSAFE ANYWAY FFFFFF  Then I had to do a safe lifting and dropping test with fifty pounds that I passed.

By the time the next test was to be taken, my heart rate was a little too high for me to take it because I had spent five minutes holding fifty pounds face level.  That really takes it out of you, apparently.  So I was told to go sit in another office and wait until my heart rate came down.  It took, like, ten minutes, so that probably didn't look too well on me.  xD

As soon as it dropped, I was taken to do three 3-minute step tests.  You know, with one of those step-things that can be lowered or heightened.  There was a ten second break between each of those, and I don't think my heart rate ever got above what it took me to lift the weights.

Then I had to climb 20 rungs of a ladder, which was easy but terrifying because the ladder was in a dark, cold storage room that was locked behind me.  Awesome.

So, I'm finally done, and I'm walking out.  I ask my grandma and DynamiteRaver if the fact I had gotten hair cut off was noticeable.  When they scrunched their faces and coughed awkwardly, I knew that I had to get another hair cut.  That's gonna be awesome, too.

I really hope I get this job because that was a ridiculous ordeal.  :C
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So I did it.  I went out with a purpose and came back with an Intuos3.  I feel pretty great about it, but they didn't have a 6x8, and I got the second to last 4x6.  Pretty lucky I'd say, they seemed to have gone really fast.

I haven't been back home to play with it yet, but I'm really excited and I want to thank all of you for your opinions on the eight billion tablet journals I posted.  Maybe now I can get some art up here FOR REALZ!  <3

Which brings me to the next part of my journal!  :iconjely-claris-anne: and myself are splitting an art table at a really tiny-ass convention to test the art-selling waters.  It's called Librari-Con.  Yes, it is AT A LIBRARY.  xD

I've decided that since I have a tablet, I will be opening commissions and sales and what-ever-the-hell, so anything that doesn't sell at the con, I'm putting up here for purchase.  They'll be pretty cheap, and you get a discount for buying several at once- WAIT WAIT WAIT but that's not important.  What IS important is that I am asking you what you would like to see in an art print.  I'm pretty much asking for requests as to what you MIGHT buy were I to offer it as a print (it'll be done through paypal- I swear I'm getting one of those soon lol).

Keep in mind, I will be selling, like, 75% video game prints and crafts because I really don't like the animuz.  xD;  You can throw in an anime suggestion but I really can't guarantee I will agree with you or even bother doing it unless you outright promise me that you will be purchasing it.  xD

So, again, thanks in advance for the help.  I appreciate it and I hope to be getting some art up here soon.  C:
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So, last night, myself, :icondynamiteraver:, :iconjely-claris-anne:, and TonochNorslain (among five or so other people without dAs, haha) went to Applebee's karaoke.  No, this is not a joke journal.  xD

ANYWAY, so jely-claris-anne is wearing a Zelda shirt- it's just the Hylian triforce symbol (ya know, that looks like a bird with a triforce head xD).  We sit near the karaoke DJ because we talk to her in between songs and suddenly, our server comes over to us and sits down beside her.  She fidgeted a bit and finally just said:

"Hey... there's this guy on the other side of the bar over there, and he says that he thinks you're pretty cute.  He wants to know... what did he say...?  He has a 'blink' or 'Link' tattoo or something and he wants to know 'What's good with you?'"

Wow.  A gamer afraid to tell a girl she's cute.  I'm so surprised.  xD  So, immediately, TonochNorslain and I offer to pose as her boyfriends and we tell our server to relay the message that she's taken.  xD

The server goes off, and since we can't see this guy lurking jely-claris-anne, the three of us decide to get up in a group to walk to the bathroom so we can catch a glimpse of him.  

SO jely-claris-anne and I split off into the women's restroom, and we chill there so we aren't suspiciously walking out three seconds later, and these two other girls walk in.  One heads to the stall closest to us, and the other one came to 'guard the door'.  I open the door to let jely-claris-anne out, and door-guard girl wheels around and says hey to me.  I raise an eyebrow and turn to her and she says:

"I've walked by you two or three times tonight, and I have to tell you, I love your haircut!  It's so fuckin' cute!"

I do the awkward "thank you" thing and mumble around a bit because I am still holding the door open for us to leave.  jely-claris-anne goes for the door and the girl spazzes at her.  

"And look at you!  Look at your outfit!  You're cute, too!  EFFF!"

Then she talks through the stall to the girl she came in with and looks back at me:

"YOU TOO!  Both of your outfits!  You're both so fucking cute, I'm so angry!  Hahahahaha!"

Back to the girl in the stall:

"You just have to see them!  Look at them, they're so ARGH!"

And she jumps up and tries to climb over the stall.  The two of us are kind of like :iconohnoesplz:, and we stumble out of the bathroom together.

We, of course, tell the story to everyone that was there.  xD

Later, the two girls get up to dance to a song that our group always dances to... so we happen to meet up somewhere in the middle, and the "OMFG UR CUTES" girl goes "HEY!  It's our cutie friends!" and I'm pretty sure she was trying to "booty dance" with me.



At least she was cute?  

... Also, :icondynamiteraver: picked up a guy's phone number earlier in the night by extreme accident.

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I happened to request a FREE SKATCH from :iconneilando: because he's my BFFFFF, so here you guys go.  xD

1. :iconpet-project: - hay, request me or I give away the slot lolol
2. :icondtrd: - I need a request?
3. :iconshadowjirachi: - Lucas and Ness-…
4. :iconfrikin-chibi: - delicious Velthomaaarz FE4 <3
5. :iconsir-erdgeist: - Tarot and Cody

Also, if I don't happen to get requests from the first two...

6. :iconsprightgain:
7. :iconkureno:

You guys put in requests, too!

They'll be cell phone camera'd 'cause my scanner doesn't work, but HAY WHATEVERRRR, right?

Oh, and if you request a sketch, you're supposed to put this in your journal.  Fffff, it's only fair.  :heart:
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Okay, so I found out a few days ago that I will be receiving my stimulus check for working last year FINALLY.  That means I'm actually getting a tablet this time instead of paying for all these hospital bills straight up...  >_>

I know I had a similar journal in April, but I've really been looking up stuff about tablets the past few days.  It's a tough decision without being able to actually try them out myself, so I really wanted to depend on other's opinions- and I know you guys are artists too, so I can trust what you say instead of people I don't know 'reviewing' products.  Once again- a few questions; mostly about Wacom products...

The tablet I started with and the only one I've had was an Aiptek HyperPen 8000U Pro tablet.  It had an 8"x6" drawing area.  I liked it, but I'm not sure that it's really necessary for me to buy a tablet with as huge of a drawing area again since I don't really do things like landscapes or detailed backgrounds.  I am seriously considering a Wacom Intuos3 with a 4"x6" drawing area.  Would that be adequate considering that I started out with such a large one?  I have really tiny hands anyway, so I didn't think that anything bigger would be necessary.

I've read nothing but great things about Wacom sensitivity from product reviews- but what do you guys think?  Anyone that's used a Wacom at all, is it really so much more sensitive than other tablets?

Pen and Mouse
I need a tablet with a mouse that's decent because my mouse doesn't work- I navigate EVERYTHING by using a tablet.  Wacom's mouses, are they comfortable and easy to use?  And the pen I'm sure is fine...

So the Intuos3 has touch strips for controlling things like zoom and brush size, I've read.  I've yearned for things like this so that I don't have to stop drawing to go find a brush size that I want in PSP7, 'cause I'm lazy.  I'm a big fan of shortcuts- are these strips and keys assignable, or are they for specific things only?

The Bamboo Tablets</u>
While looking around at the Intuos3 at a nearby CircuitCity, I've seen a new tablet by Wacom called the "Bamboo" tablet.  It is much cheaper and apparently quite popular.  But I'm looking to improve as an artist since I've planned to spend a good amount for a quality product.  Has anyone seen or used the Bamboo tablet?  Is it worth the price ($79), or should I go ahead and buy that Intuos?  xD

Thanks again, everyone.  :D
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I don't EVEN know what I got done.  It's alright, I guess.  Thanks for the suggestions, everyone.…

^Aaand there it is.  Soooo... how do I style this mess?  xD

Also, CRAP, F-Zero GP Legend is the hardest game I've ever played.  Not really, but... man, it's difficult.  That's probably why it only cost $5.  xD
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So, I'm getting my hair cut Friday.  I'm thinking fauxhawk, but my family says they'll disown me if I do.  xD

My hair's already kind of short, but I want it shorter for summer since it already hits 100 degress fahrenheit here.

I think I want a femmy boy-cut.  C:

Please drop me a suggestion before I talk myself out of it  xD

Come on, I know you'll be more helpful than livejournal.  xD

Also, Wiimote typing ftl.
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So, I clocked in at work today, and go to the door to hold it open for someone leaving.  It's an older man, and he thanks me profusely for holding the door for him and then he gasps-

"Oh, is that red hair of yours natural?"

"... Yeeees?"

"Oh, I just LOVE red hair!"

And then he ran his fingers through my hair and gave me a hug.

I mean, sure, it was a nice gesture, I suppose... but...  >_>

And that was my day.  =_=;
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This dA thing takes forever to load on the Wii, so I'm going to go through and clean out my friends list.  This means that if I never talk to you, or you never talk to me, I'll probably be unwatching you.

Don't take offense, you can unwatch me right back, but if I don't ever interact with you, you're just causing me crazy load time.  xD

I get waaaaay too many messages and deviations a day, most of which I never even get back to because the people don't talk to me in the first place.  Don't watch me if you aren't going to talk to me, seriously.

Oh, and maybe I'll get commissions started sometime.  Eventually.  At least I hope, I don't make any money at my job, and the hospital is actively sending people out to get me.  ._.

That's pretty much it.  C:
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Soooo, I just finished "The World Ends With You", and Sho Minamimoto is my pseudo-hero.  C:

That game was so epic.  It's a shame it did so terribly in Japan.  D:

All of the characters were so... likeable.  There was not really one that I hated.  NOT ONE.

I guess I can't really type anymore for this journal, lest there be spoilers, and there may be a few of you on my watch list that haven't finished this game yet.  Or are going to get it.


I should have... played it faster xD  It took me like, three weeks to get through it because I conveniently got a job as soon as I got it.  D:<

Um... I dunno, someone fanwhore the series with me?  xD
I'm off to sleep, then.

Or maybe I'm off to play WEWY, WHY CAN'T I PUT YOU DOOOWN?!
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So, last Saturday, The Roytards were supposed to have a crew battle with rival crew, "Prodigy".  We went all week talking to these people, we provided a venue, planned a time that everyone was off of work (I know, Saturday? Ridiculous, it was perfect).

How the mighty have fallen, I must say.  Prodigy used to make fun of two of my crew members, kept begging me to join THEM after I had started my own crew (srsly u guys- u guys, srsly.), and would trash talk my entire crew behind my back and ME when they thought I wasn't listening.  THere are people in this crew that DENIED flat-out I had beaten them ("She's a girl!  Do you really think she ever beat me at this game?").  And these are people that I've beaten in tournaments.  Sore losers. :shakefist:

Anyway, we call them up last Saturday after meeting atprevious and once-again crew member, D-Zo Phaux's house.



All this planning for nothing except en empty-promise to crew battle.  They had all sworn to the high heavens they were going to come rape us in Brawl.  I am sorely disappointed.  

...  I think we're the nicest crew in person in NC.  :/  That's a shame.  We aren't the best players, but we're hella nice.  I've put up with so much crap from local crews telling people that don't even care how much my crew sucks at this game, and Prodigy pusses out because they're afraid of losing to whom they think is the worst crew.


I am talking about Smash Bros. Crew Battles, by the way.  xD  I should've explained that first, haha.

Oh, also?  I start work orientation today.  Since they cancelled it yesterday.  As soon as I had gotten there.  RAAAAAAAAAGE
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SO, yeah!  RTF has a job again.  I'm a host(ess  LOL) at the Applebee's that :icondynamiteraver: works at.  Which is really lame, but it's the only job that gave me an interview in FOUR MONTHS, so I was all over it, cliche interview and all.

Which is good because the hospital TURNED ME OVER TO A COLLECTION AGENCY.  FOR TEN DOLLARS.

I don't even have credit and they're trying to ruin it.  Seriously.  Ten fucking dollars.  That's lame.  And I still have two thousand to pay for when I got IVs and stayed almost overnight.  So when I get my first paycheck, I'm buying a new tablet ('cause my old one is definitely broken ROFL), and commissions will be officially open.  Because the hospital is going to "take everything I own" if I don't pay them LOL.  That's rich.  They'll get absolutely nothing.

Anyway, this part is important!  ~>

What kind of tablet should I get?  I was thinking an Intuous 3 'cause a local shop has them relatively cheap for Wacoms, but I don't know particularly what makes them better than other ones, since I've only ever used mine.  Any opinions would be pretty fantastic, and I'd appreciate them.  If you can't tell me about them, what kind of tablets do you guys use and why do you like them?

I also considered buying software for OC or Illustrator...  I use PSP7 (like EVERYONE else), but I'm curious to try other programs, and, again, suggestions would be super.

In other news, I'm going to a con at the end of May (mostly for tournaments, as usual), but I think I'm gonna do a Ness cosplay, 'cause I'm nerdy as shit.  xD

Aaaaaand, that's what's going on with me.  In a few days, I think I might post my revised [price] list for commissions, and I'm going to TRY to get examples up.  So stay tuned, please.  'Cause I have a LOT of hospital bills that neither my family nor myself can take care of.  BAAAAAAWWWW.

Right then, carry on!  :D
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And it's not a late April Fool's joke.  xD

I attended my first Brawl tournament yesterday (and actually just got back from it xD).  It was the first Brawl tourney in NC, so, technically speaking tournament wise, I'm the third best at Brawl in my state.

Pretty amazing for someone who didn't pick a character until five seconds before my first match started, huh?  :D

[I'm gloating because I know it won't last long. xD]

This is the first time ever I've changed my Smash Bros. tag since it was given to me.  I'm known in the community as "Roy The Flamboyant", which is why you see me with "RTF" on everything.  My crewmate, YoshiKongBarkley3000, suggested I play as Wolf at the tournament, and then his eyes lit up and he told me that I should go by "WolfTheFlamboyant".

I looked at him, immediately knew what he had planned, so my Smash tag for Brawl has become...


xD  So that was pretty epic.  And, well, that was my day yesterday, and I pretty much just came here to let you know that a pair of boobs is third best in North Carolina.  :B

Wolf is gonna be top tier, FYI.

Uh... so, yeah.  Thanks for reading through and enduring my shameless pride.  It's actually very shameful, I'm not the type to gloat, I just kind of thought it was amusing since my last journal was me talking about how I didn't like Brawl.

Okay, you can leave now.  :heart:!
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Another journal on the Wii, and again, my praise to USB keyboards.  C:

I haven't been here in a while (mostly because the Wii is constantly being used to play Brawl), so here's an update or two on my actual life outside of Smash, and then the rest of the journal will be rambly and about Brawl, I guarantee it.  xD

Real Life

- You guys have left me like, a thousand something messages and deviations, and since I can't tab browse with the Wii, I, uh... I'm going to delete most of them.  You guys are a handful.  xD  If there was something you really wanted me to see, you can send it to my front page or you can note it to me.  Most journals were read but not commentes to, my bad.

- My tablet pen is broken.  I have a shitty tablet that now costs like, sixty bucks, and the pens themselves are not sold separately from the tablets (I even checked ebay :/ ), so I have to wait to even open commissions now.  Also, Photoshopping was practically the only thing I did at my house, and I don't even have the money to afford a sketchbook WTF.  So I've stopped drawing for the time being, I'm really depressed over it and just don't feel like doing anything.
- Going through my little emo phase noted above, I've picked up the guitar again LOL So I guess something good came out of it after all.
- I applied for a community college and got some kind of acceptance letter from it last week (do community colleges even send those out...?), so I'm applying for grants and financial aid and crap, and should hopefully be started no later than fall on a major in graphic design.  : D


- So, I'm a traitorous backstabbing liar of a hypocrite- I play Ike now.  >_>  People keep saying that Ike is "Roy done right", and with that I don't necessarily agree, but he is not a terrible character, and he's the closest I have to Roy, so he'll probably be my secondary character.
-  King DeDeDe for the mother-effing WIN.  Hands down my main, probably for a looong while.
- :icondynamiteraver: looooves Brawl.  He says he'll never play Melee with me again (and I don't blame him, my Roy beast-modes the SHIT out of his Marth rofl j/k), which makes me really sad because well...  I don't particularly like Brawl... that much.  My other crew-mate, YoshiKongBarkley is having trouble adjusting to it as much as I am.

I think my problem with it is that I'm still trying to shffl and wavedash where I see a fit opportunity because it is so ingrained in the back of my mind.  It's freaking muscle memory, and I can't stop doing it.  Neither  can YKB3, but DynamiteRaver thinks it's amazing.  IMHO, it's too slow, and the lack of l or z-canceling (a la Melee and 64, respectively) affords this game many an opportunity to suck.  This makes slow characters almost too slow to play, and it's still awkward to me, but I'm sure I'll come around eventually.

I digress, though; it's an utterly fantastic game... I just.. some part of me wishes it was Melee so bad that to hurts.  I want Brawl to be complex, I want to be able to make my character faster through my own skill, I... want so much that isn't there.

And this isn't to say that these things won't come in time (advanced techs, that is) but for right now...?  I'm playing for my friends and because there is no one left to play Melee with me.

OKAY, I have to relinquish the Wii for Brawl now xD

Perhaps I'll return later to elaborate, not like you care.  You're going to hear it anyway xDDD

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OH SHI- guess what?

My crew and I are headed two hours east to a Smashfest with copies of Brawl (and a loooot of Melee xD).  I can FINALLY SEE HOW THIS GAME PLAYS.

Raz, I'm playing lots of Marth matches for you, so I can tell you what's changed about him myself instead of having to watch and judge.  <3

I'll make a post when we get back about stuff I watched if I hang around Brawl more than Melee.  My crew and I might be able to get some Brawl footage recorded, and maybe some Melee matches to boot.  :D

Oh man, I'm excited.  *w*!!!

Nevermind, we aren't going.  xD

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SHIT.  Let me type this bitch up again.  *mumbles obscenities at the Wii*

As you may or may not have noticed or cared, I haven't been really active here.  Again.  >_>

Computer is dead, everything is being checked via Wii, and that is taking forever.  So that's where I've been, I still care about you all, really.  xD

Oh, also, Rock Band.  It has been eating my time nicely since I'm doing something besides bass xD  Lead guitar is still FTL, though, these songs have finally gotten hard.  xD  DynamiteRaver and myself made characters that look like Marth and Roy, except they are the gayest looking Rock Band characters ever.  And Roy has emo hair.  xDDD  I might take a picture of them and upload them once the computer is fixed because they make me laugh so goddamn hard.  xD

I finished my commission examples for the most part, but I can't post them.  I was hoping to impress you all, and prove that I'm not lazy, haha.  This is a conspiracy.

Anyway, if you feel like it (read: pleaseineedinputstill), hop on to my previous journal and tell me what you think of what I'm offering for commissions, it'd be really appreciated.

OH ALSO  *running glomp-tackles kureno*  It's about time you updated.  <3  

But if you make me wait another six months for an update, I will hunt you down.  Hunt you down with love, but STILL.  xD

Yeah, that's it, I think.  Thank god for USB keyboards.  :V
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Stuff going around, leaks, people playing through Emissary...

Who knows what to believe anymore, haha.  I would be so fed up with updating the Dojo if I were Sakurai, poor man.

But if these things are indeed true... I am so sad at the final roster.  xD
I am still reading 'spoilers' gah, this shit looks legit, and I wanted my Roy, booo.  xD

... Um... I need to get back to setting prices for commissions.  HA.

Expect to see a few journals with commission information soon.  I'd still like replies to them, if you don't mind.  Your input is really appreciated!  *w*

Back to spoiling this game for myself.
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Okay, I'm gonna open them soon, I think.  I have hospital bills I need to pay, and they're not getting paid by me sitting here and thinking about opening commissions.  I need to start being not lazy, and this is a good time to do so.

HOWEVER, before I open them, I'm going to set prices.  I want you guys to haggle now, because once they're set, they aren't coming down.  I've decided to do prices per picture instead of setting an hourly rate because it depends on how distracted I get, and an hourly rate would be unfair to you guys.  I'll list what I plan on offering, and then list a price that I think is generally fair, then you guys let me know what you think.


By the way, I will have examples of what you can expect up soon, links to examples will be plastered beside pricing below when I get them up.

Offered item/price</u>

Trad. Pencil Sketch- $2 bust, $4 full body
Trad. Lineart (pen)- $3 bust, $5 full body
Trad. colored (pencil)- $4 bust, $7 full body
+BG for any- additional $5 ('cause BGs suck lol)

Photoshop Sketch- $3 bust, $5 full body
Photoshop Lineart- $5 bust, $8 full body
Photoshop Colored- $8 bust, $15 full body
+BG in Photoshop- additional $10 (they will be hardcore and not stamped on xD)

Special stuff</u>

- I might offer these, I don't know yet.  I want to see if anyone wants them first, then I'll decide.

on regular paper- $15, BG +$15
on watercolor paper- $20, BG +$15 (seriously, this paper is dog-ass expensive)

Wooden SSBM Crafts
I've made lots of stuff out of wood from craft stores, mostly items from Smash.  I've made the Ice Climber's mallets, Mushrooms of different colors, Yoshi eggs of different sizes, stars, star rods, item blocks, party balls, just lots of stuff.  They are all hand-painted and sanded and cut if they need to be.  What you want determines the price, for example- it takes an assload longer to make a mushroom than a Yoshi egg because the mushroom requires some sanding and gluing as well as painting, Yoshi eggs are just painted.

Custom GameCube Controller Shells
I paint controller shells by hand.  They are taken apart, the insides tested, the shells are cleaned, sanded down, made a base color, and then I hand paint custom art with acrylics on top, clear coat to lock in the art and make it smooth, let it dry, put them back together, and test them to make sure they work properly/better than before.  

You want a regal blue controller with Marth's face over the Nintendo logo?  Bam- you got it.  How about a controller with your favorite character's symbol in the middle?  You can have that too.  Want an epic battle between Mario and Bowser happening all the fuck around your controller?  Sure thing, all you gotta do is ask.

This, obviously, takes longer to do, so the prices are going to be a little more than say, you know... art on paper.  If you ship me your controller, the price will be muuuch less.  If you want me to go buy you a controller and paint it?  Yeah, that's not cheap at all, because I WILL buy a new controller (if I can find it).

I'm also thinking about getting into airbrush (which I don't like as much, because controllers at that point will start looking identical) and logo stenciling, so we can work that out too.  I'm also learning to cut plastic, and maybe do LED light mods at the price of losing rumble...  Just tell me what you want, I'll tell you what I can do.

I have tools so as to not strip the screws on the controller, so you don't have to worry about me marring the way it looks.

Okay, that's more than enough for now.  I have to go, so I'd kinda like comments on what you think so far, this will be edited and updated later tonight.

Please send me your thoughts, ask about other things you'd like for me to offer, LET'S MAKE A DEAAAAL!

Awright, hope to see some comments when I get back.  Love you all!  :heart:



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Third time's the charm?

God damnit, :icondynamiteraver:, stop making me owe you my life.  xD  But not really, I like this living thing, you can keep saving me if you want.  Please.  >w>

I was hanging out earlier with DynamiteRaver and YKB3 and FalcoNoJutsu of my Smash Crew.  We were kind of having a get-together as a going away party of sorts for FNJ, who's going to SC for basic training for the army the 22nd.

I've been terribly sick since I woke up yesterday morning, and have just gotten worse through the day, but I still insisted on coming to spend time with the crew.  We played Rock Band together whilst I had a fluctuating fever, but I had taken medicine for it, so I payed little attention to it for the most part.

DynamiteRaver dropped off YKB3 and FNJ at their houses, and swung back by his house to pick up the rest of the stuff I had brought over, and I went ahead and took my night time insulin.

Or so I thought.

As soon as I finished taking the shot, I noticed that there were two insulin bottles beside me, both with completely different insulins in them.  I had begun to wonder if I had taken the wrong one (which can be deadly if given in the wrong amount) and I believe I did.  I ask him to watch me closely, and over the next ten minutes, I paled.  Really quickly.  I got shaky, a little cold, and I ran upstairs and told him to follow.  I drank some sweet tea with sugar in it, he grabbed some honey from his cabinet, and then doubled back to the fridge to get some sweet strawberry glaze.  

We headed off for the hospital, me drinking all this crap at the same time.  I had brought my glucometer, so I checked my blood sugar constantly.  It was, at the first point I checked it, 160, after I had had all of that sugar, and I was still shaking like crazy.  

Then I vomited all the motherfuck up in his car.  xD  I immediately felt better, it was probably that I had taken in so much sugar at once.  But five minutes passed, and I got dizzy and shaky again, so I kept drinking the tea, hoping I wouldn't throw up again.  By the time we got to the Emergency area and parked, my blood sugar capped off at 150-180.  We sat there for fifteen minutes, to be sure.

I will never know how I managed to consume around 300 carbs in the period of thirty minutes.

So, he's saved me again.

EDIT BEFORE POSTING:  And a fourth time!  I went to the hospital FOR REAL last night 'cause I couldn't breathe well.  Turns out I have bronchitis.  SUCK.