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Mario Mushrooms Woodcraft Set by RockStarRoku Mario Mushrooms Woodcraft Set :iconrockstarroku:RockStarRoku 15 47 Lucas Is A Puss by RockStarRoku Lucas Is A Puss :iconrockstarroku:RockStarRoku 2 19 WEWY- Make Some Noise by RockStarRoku WEWY- Make Some Noise :iconrockstarroku:RockStarRoku 11 42 Marthfans Entry- Winter.Xmas by RockStarRoku Marthfans Entry- Winter.Xmas :iconrockstarroku:RockStarRoku 13 16 Green of Tourmaline- Duel IIDX by RockStarRoku Green of Tourmaline- Duel IIDX :iconrockstarroku:RockStarRoku 2 47 StarFox Alliance Fox 'n Falco by RockStarRoku StarFox Alliance Fox 'n Falco :iconrockstarroku:RockStarRoku 22 75 Valentine's Day?  CRAP. by RockStarRoku Valentine's Day? CRAP. :iconrockstarroku:RockStarRoku 22 53 Wary Sheikah by RockStarRoku Wary Sheikah :iconrockstarroku:RockStarRoku 4 49
The Bowser Ballad
There dwells a fiersome Koopa
In castle dark and dank.
His hide as tough as iron nails;
His body built like tank.
He lives with but one purpose;
That's to rule the Mushroom Land
And overcome those plumbers
To have Kingdom under hand.
Now out from his toothy mouth
Comes forth a burst of flame!
Bellowed from him horrid roar-
The King, he spoke his name.
"Bowser, I am!  Crafty king!
Cunning moreso than
Those plumbers dressed in red and green.
They'll NEVER foil my plans!"
And off he sent his children,
The seven Koopa kids.
Over seven lands they scattered
For those plumbers they're to rid.
And one by one the children failed
To hold those brothers back.
Now it won't be much longer
'til the two get sweet payback.
Up the castle steps they went,
They took them two by two,
To prevail over the Koopa king,
Those brothers, friends true blue.
"Bowser, I am!  Crafty king!
Never will they win!
So smart am I, so fiendish, too!"
And cue that toothy grin.
A fiersome, violent battle!
:iconrockstarroku:RockStarRoku 27 42
Oni Cardiac Arrest  :D by RockStarRoku Oni Cardiac Arrest :D :iconrockstarroku:RockStarRoku 10 74 Peachy Hero- Peach as Roy XD by RockStarRoku Peachy Hero- Peach as Roy XD :iconrockstarroku:RockStarRoku 136 136 'Chuuuuu?' by RockStarRoku 'Chuuuuu?' :iconrockstarroku:RockStarRoku 1 52 Congrats, Asato- Roku+Rose by RockStarRoku Congrats, Asato- Roku+Rose :iconrockstarroku:RockStarRoku 9 41 Marth-A-Tron o.O by RockStarRoku Marth-A-Tron o.O :iconrockstarroku:RockStarRoku 20 67 'Yuan...' by RockStarRoku 'Yuan...' :iconrockstarroku:RockStarRoku 13 97 I DONE BEEN ID'D by RockStarRoku I DONE BEEN ID'D :iconrockstarroku:RockStarRoku 6 65



Roy= Lowtier <3 4 lyfe, son!
United States
Current Residence: NC, USA
Favourite genre of music: Classic rock, OCremix, R&B/hip-hop, J-rock/rap, DnB, Chill, medieval folk tune, gypsy shit
Favourite style of art: traditional ANYTHING
Operating System: XP home
MP3 player of choice: [blue] iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Tom (of Tom and Jerry fame <3)
Personal Quote: "LET'S DANCE, STUPID!" Rofl, <3 SSBM xD
  • Listening to: Foreigner- Blue Morning, Blue Day
  • Watching: My eyelids closing?
  • Playing: Melee, Brawl, Rock Band
  • Drinking: mar...gari...ta... &gt;_&gt;

I told myself I would never do it, but this name is so unrelevant anymore.  Also, I've used the name "RoyTheFlamboyant" since... two months after I started Smash?  So, almost three years, I think.  It still retains relevancy, which is saying a lot.  Uh, also, I sign everything "RTF".  :iconcapitalxcapitaldplz:

Anyway, my point is, I'll probably run through my watch list and re-watch the people that still talk to me.  I'd appreciate it if you'd watch me back as well if my art still interests you.

It might take me a while to completely abandon this account (which I might not even do entirely), so I'll be back and forth between them.  I'll up a notice for when you can stop watching this account.  Of course, if you don't like me anymore, what's to say you won't unwatch me anyway.  xD  

All in all, it's up to you guys whether or not you'll follow me.  I won't be offended if you don't, but I know a few of you would not mind knowing my new account.  xD


I'll change that icon eventually, I swear.  xD


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daaku-no-tenshi Featured By Owner May 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Hiya, would you like to exchange llama badges, please? ^_^ Heres one for you. <3
StarrLiteNite Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2009
Hey i love your gallery can I watch you?
RoyTheFlamboyant Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
You can if you'd still like to! But I've switched to this account, just so you know. C:
StarrLiteNite Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2009
RoyTheFlamboyant Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
Hey, thanks a ton! C:
DarkVanessaLusT Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Nice gallery here, Hope that you can visit me:blushes:

Happy new year! :w00t:
DarkVanessaLusT Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Nice gallery here, Hope that you can visit me:blushes:

Happy new year! :w00t:
SuperMarthAndRoy64DS Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2008

It's about TIME there's a good video about these guys! Fighting Polygons get no love. ;-;
RockStarRoku Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2008
Lappy9000 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2008
Half-Elves are a useless race, not a class! Get it right!!! :P
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