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Hmm, so, I decided I would post this on my journal in hopes that he would see it, haha.  

I was asked in one of my University classes the other day to state "whose mind I would like to pick."  I mulled the question over in my head for a while before I came to the conclusion that there just aren't that many interesting people in this world.  The ones that truly are intriguing have already had their brains torn apart by my constant reverence.  So, I was at a genuine stand-still trying to think of someone who veraciously struck me as "interesting."  I was finally able to come back to my "always right" answer of Mike Shinoda.  The dude is a complete mystery to me.  He's one those people that you could sit and study for hours and still lose your mind trying to figure out.  

The next part of the assignment was to think of one question you'd ask this person if you had a chance get into their brain and why you chose that question.

Well, crap.  What do you ask someone whose whole self is a complete mystery?  I'm not going to walk up do the guy and be like, "What's your favorite color?"  So, the process of this took the entire three days I was given for the assignment.  It took me what seemed like eons to come up with just ONE question that would adequately cover all the questions that were burning there.  I couldn't even walk up to my own mother and ask just one question about the things I wanted to know.  How was I supposed to do for someone I already knew NOTHING about??  So, I sat and waited for something to come to me.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited...

Finally, FINALLY, something in the form of an idea popped into my head.  I'm not sure how or why, but it did.  And then I had to think of a way to word my explanation as to why I chose this particular question.  I have it written down as follows::

"Of all the prying things I could ask this man, who is brilliant beyond mention, I had to choose just one question.  It was a hard thing to do, but I am completely satisfied with my answer.  There are a plethora of things I could ask him.  'What inspires your art?' 'How has standing in the public eye changed your life?' 'Do you believe in God?'  But I realized then that none of that truly matters. I would spend years regretting each of those questions, no matter how thorough his answers would be.  If you truly look deep down into a person, so much more can be seen in the simplest answers.  Much more than the long-winded answers I would get from the aforementioned questions.  So, I'm choosing to keep it small.  Simple.  Easy."

I threw caution to the wind in choosing the question I did.  What would my professor think of such a "feather-light" question?? What would he think of me for not wondering something so much more deep from this man I had deemed my idol?  And then I realized, I didn't care.  My heart went into thinking about that question and no one can take away the TRUE significance of it.

So then, if you DO see this, Mike, I ask you the question I chose to ask in the event that I were able to "pick your brain."

What is your favorite color?


PS - I ended up getting an A =)


Mike's answer

Posted 4 hours ago by mshinoda

Anstice / Jade: I don't have a favorite color. But right now I'm painting something green.…

EDIT 2 ::

You know what I don't understand??

People who say their favorite color is clear</i>.



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Hey tht's pretty good!
Good job on getting an A!
I've always thought of something like this before, and honestly, I'm still thinking of my question. >.<
But tht's a good question to ask someone, I think cause your favorite color reflects on the kind of person your are sometimes.
Tht's just my thought though. :)