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Girl by rockstar1009 Girl :iconrockstar1009:rockstar1009 2 0
A Bullet for Daddy
    Metal clasps rattled along the gun's frame. The enormous weapon's weight provided Mara enough challenge in holding it steady - her sobs weren't helping matters.
    “Just like we've talked about, baby,” replied the middle-aged man standing at the end of the barrel. “Just like you've been practising for. I know you can do it.”
    She struggled to fight off another round of tears, squeezed her eyes shut – as tight as she could so as to pinch the tears inside - but one quick sob managed a jailbreak and her lips quivered in its wake. The gun rattled once more as the trembling reached her tiny hands.
    The man sighed and bit his lip, trying hard to contain his own sobs. “Baby, you can do this. I know you can. I'm so damn proud of my little angel – I've seen everything you've done and I know you can do this, too. And once you've done this, you'll be able to do anything. I promise.”
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lologo by rockstar1009 lologo :iconrockstar1009:rockstar1009 14 6
You're not Johnny
“I'm Johnny,” I said as I signed my name on the small electronic screen. “That's me.”
I took the package from the UPS guy and closed the door. Since my last phone fell into the toilet, not only submerging it in  water but also cracking the glass as it struck the porcelain, my phone had been on its last legs. I couldn't have been more eager for this package to arrive.
I sat the box upon the kitchen table and turned toward the kitchen to get an apple. A small chime rang out, faint and muffled. I spun around to face the box again when I realized I had only imagined it. Just anxious to play with my new toy, was all.
My teeth crunched into the tart green apple as I rummaged through some drawers in search of my sole pair of scissors. I heard the muffled chimes again. My blood ran cold as I looked to the box. This time it felt different. I knew I was only imagining the phone ringing but I wasn't imagining it ringing inside the box. I was imagining it ringing insid
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The load was too heavy
The burden too much
Fractured by even a delicate touch
Cracking and breaking
Then cracking again
Unable to shoulder so massive a strain
Fragile and helpless
So easily shattered
Pieces were lost and then hopelessly scattered
     (Not that it mattered)
I tried to recover
I tried to rebuild
But pieces when missing aren't easily filled
Yet down on my knees,
I found you there too
Searching for pieces which fell out of you
We are both broken
We'll never be whole
But each of us comforts the other one's soul
     (While patching our holes)
A new realization:
Salvation, perhaps–
All of my pieces fit into your gaps
Alone, we are fractured;
Together complete
Stronger and tougher; solid; concrete
I give you my pieces
And yours are now mine
The mosaic is lovely as we two combine
     (And I love the design)
:iconrockstar1009:rockstar1009 6 1
Flying Hawk surveyed the aftermath. His tribe lay broken before him, many dead by his own Tomahawk; the rest by the teeth of their kinsmen.
He replayed the past week's events in his head. First, the yellow haired Sea People arrived, looking to trade. Then came the misunderstanding where several tribesmen and Sea People were killed. A day later, the dead Sea People stood again, causing the survivors to flee to their ships crying “Draugr!”
He tried forgetting. But that just made him remember more.
The screams of his betrothed as teeth tore into her neck. The confusion as the Shaman had no solution. The blood. The pain.
Still, he had won. He deserved a trophy, a reward. Draugr were a powerful enemy and he wanted to be as draugr. He tore a heart from the chest of a Sea Person.
“Eat its heart,” he began, “and gain its power.”
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Little Kacey sat in bed, clutching her teddy tight to her chest. She sat alone in the dark as she listened to terror approach.
She heard the heavy footfalls climbing the stairs before reaching the landing down the hall.
The horrific shuffling inched down the hallway, ever closer to her door. Coming for her. Again. She squeezed her teddy tighter as she tried to squeeze the tears back into her eyes.
Her door knob rattled as the beastie struggled to work the contraption. Her heart now beat as loudly as those footsteps.
The latch finally clicked, and the door creaked open. She began to sob at the figure in the doorway.
Children have many names for monsters: the Boogeyman, Rawhead, Bloody Mary...
...she listened to the familiar sound of a belt being unfastened...
… but Kacey simply called her monster “Daddy.”
:iconrockstar1009:rockstar1009 3 2
Mature content
The Gospel of Joe Book 1 :iconrockstar1009:rockstar1009 2 1
The Gospel of Joe Prologue
When you want to describe the end, how do you begin? I suppose I could start the end with “In the beginning,” given the religious undertones at play, but I've never been good at jokes. Which is sad because there was plenty of understated irony to chuckle at as the world crumbled.
Now, missing persons reports get filed all the time. I've filed plenty during my years at the NYPD. But when hundreds of thousands spontaneously disappear in a single moment the world over, eyebrows rise. At first, they called it The Rapture. By “they” I mean the sarcastic fucks on the Internet and the late night talk circuit. Then video evidence of people vanishing surfaced on the internet, though it was quickly followed by parody “evidence.”
Still, even with all the doubters, when you have such a widespread phenomenon, you have too many credible witnesses and too much solid evidence for the masses to ignore. Religious leaders were forced to speak on the absurd notion that
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150 Word Pirate Story
    Bartholomew lost himself in her hesitant eyes and caressed her soft, olive cheeks with his sea-weathered hand. He'd set out with a map, but found himself a treasure not marked by any X: a sweet young island girl, unlike any he knew back in England. He stole a kiss before gazing at the vast, open sea astern. “My love,” he began, “the world is my oyster, and you are its pearl.” He opened his arms to the deep blue waves, “all of this is yours now. Where shall we venture first?” She remained silent and distant. “You can have anything you want now. What'll it be?”
    Indeed, he was right. Here was a ship. A crew which had taken quite a liking to her. And he had the map. What else could a girl ask for? She pulled her flintlock out of her belt, and stuck it under his nose.
:iconrockstar1009:rockstar1009 1 3
3 Line Pirate Poem
Western wind, me sail's unfurled
And me treasure map's uncurled
Time to 'venture through this world!
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Liberia X Ebola-Chan
Liberia carried a hot skillet to the table and presented it to Ebola-Chan. She didn't smile – she just wasn't the sort – but he could tell by the candlelight reflecting in those big beautiful eyes that she was pleased.
“It's called Chicken Yassa,” he said. “It is good, very good. Better than bushmeat anyhow.”
Liberia scooped some rice onto a plate with his spicy yassa, all the while marvelling at how gorgeous Ebola-Chan was.
“Not that bushmeat is bad,” he said. “After all, it's how we met.”
She remained silent, her face still, as always. She spoke about as often as she smiled, it seemed, but Liberia just couldn't help but love her all the same.
“You know, my father doesn't approve of you,” he continued. “But I told him to go fuck himself. He actually suggested I go to the clinic when he found out I was spending time with you. I don't need him. I just need you.”
He sat the plate of food on the table befo
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All Eyes on Maleron
Maleron's lieutenants gathered in the grassy clearing, waiting for their leader to appear. He and Gussen approached unnoticed as his party chatted and joked amongst themselves. Before Mal could so much as sigh at their cheerfulness, the thought was pre-empted by the old man's hand landing upon his shoulder and his voice landing in his ears.
“Relax,” urged Gussen. “Thoughts are clearer and more coherent when you're relaxed.”
Maleron nodded. “You're right. It's just hard though. To relax at a time like this.”
“I know,” replied Gussen as he gestured toward the others. “But they are relaxed. If nothing else, hold your composure so as not to disturb their moods.”
Maleron nodded once more.
Ærick, now aware of their presence, greeted his friend. “Hey, Mal! What's up? What's the plan?”
“Okay, guys, listen up,” replied Maleron, raising his hand as his friends and allies stopped talking. At least, they stopp
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The Plan
The mild Spring winds carried the scent of grass and blossoms up the hillside where the two adventurers stood discussing their plans. The nobleman's black cape swelled in the gentle gusts as he tried to keep his parchment from curling in the mountain breezes.
“There aren't many viable passes in this area, I'm afraid,” he said, studying the map in his hands.
“Mm-hmm,” replied his armour-clad cohort.
“Mobility is extremely limited. Practically no options exist for tactics of any kind, and no matter the route we choose, the entire path will be one enormous choke point. The way out is the way in, making retreat a logistic nightmare should it come to that.”
“Mm-hmm,” replied the knight once more.
The Duke looked up from his map, his black hair getting tussled in the breeze. “Well, at least you're more articulate today. Your replies now have a whole TWO syllables.”
“Hmph,” snorted Kel.
“And regression sets in alrea
:iconrockstar1009:rockstar1009 0 5
Zombie Epic Poem Excerpt 1
Thousands of zombies now shuffling near
Marcus had nowhere to run
Panicking, sweating and shaking with fear
Wishing that he had a gun
Gnashing their teeth and exhaling their groans
Closing in fast on their prey
An army of moldering flesh upon bones
Ever-encroaching his way
Closing his eyes and resigning to fate
Marcus prepared for the end
Just then, however, his courage came late
Giving him strength to defend
Calmly recalling the blade on his back
Marcus reached up for the steel
Funny how fear puts your mind off its track;
Killing the mouse at the wheel
Marcus, however, regained all his will
As he took weapon in hand
Prepping himself for a test of his skill
Prepping himself for a stand
Standing at ready with samurai sword
Marcus then opened his eyes
Launching himself headfirst into the horde
Taking the ghouls by surprise
Inches away the first zombie did fall
Swiftly relieved of its head
Just then a second was absent a skull
As he advanced in his tread
Hacking and slashing his way throu
:iconrockstar1009:rockstar1009 3 6
"Unnnh..." John groaned, his head aching as though it had been crushed by a cinder block. For a moment he lied still on the ground, his throbbing head being the only thing his senses could focus on. Further details began to creep into his awareness between the pulsing stabs of pain: the cold hard tile he lied upon, a faint buzzing sound, the unmistakable odour of stale urine, the taste of old blood in his mouth.
“Unnnh...” he signed once more as he gathered the strength to push himself up. He attempted to rise to his feet but collapsed almost immediately. He groaned once more and thrust himself upward, this time falling over to his side, but near enough to a wall that he was able to brace himself. His head spun and his blurry eyes swirled with black and red flashes. Lowering his head and squeezing his eyes shut, John managed to fight off the fainting spell that so aggressively tried to overtake him. After several minutes of standing perfectly still, the dizziness passed, an
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