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as im hardly ever on here contact me via one of the following ways: - msn

hope you all are well and speak to you soon xx

woooo! go me!
ive actually submit submitted two pieces of artwork!!

hope you are all ok!!! m/
as im hardly on here why dont you contact me in one of the following ways:

add me at
message me on faceparty
e-mail me at

hope you are all ok =D
i want to animate my logos to make a banner but i dont have any software, any ideas?
the latest work i have produced are using photoshop plugins, i know they aint up to much so im gonna get my sketchbook and pencil art draw something then use the plugins on that work kkk ppl hope we are all okay chat too me i dont bite lol!
i am on holiday and come bk to the uk in the mornin, took loads of pictures so u willl get a rather large inbox of photos taken in salou by moi, hav fun lookin at them, chat to me soon and rock on! ^^
my dad died this morning through heart attack :'(

i cant actually believe he has gone :'(

love you loads and will always love you

and the best part is im his next of kin so i have to sort out all his stuff tomorrow :(
i havent posted anything really this past week, its coz i am busy creating a web site in front page and using html and shit like that neways neway, its gonna take time to complete and if i do get bored and feel creative i will publish my work but if any of you guys hav knowlege of html please talk to me and help me out as some of the stuff i want to do is not going right grrrr :@

neway i will keep you updated!
last night we got a knock on the door from the council dude saying thatwe MIGHT be getting our house painted today (thursday) and we thought oh ye it wont get done it will get put of  and will be done at a later date, neway a hour and 15 mins ago i heard ppl talking and the sound of like wallpaper removers hacking at my window sill whichobviously woke me up so i then had to get up so i cant get back to sleep and why today? today is my day of college and get the chance to sleep in soo i aint pleased oh then 15 mins ago gets a tap at the door "what colour do you want your doors?" erm hold on i will go check, even tho my mum and nan are still asleep and idecide to choose the colour between red, blue, yellow, green, brown or white! erm tough choice but i went for blue neway i will end here as im probably boring you to death and i shall try not to fall asleep on the laptop

angry katie xxx


just got home from college and shopping and bradford, dont ask!, and the work is complete! but stinks of paint grrrrr!
im feeling creative and i know my work i produce is always good (well i think so) :clap: and i dont know what to do now.

i had considered creating a image that i could use on myspace - but what of, i think i will create a college of my fave bands:!:

help me out ppl and give me ideas and inspiration :popcorn: :blahblah:
im now 19 oficially fetch ya crates of carling round - or any alcohol in a fashion, roll on the weekend and cant wait for tuesdayits gonna be a good one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on another point im not doing any art work this weekend im taking a break and studying alcohol :P
just uploaded a load of artwork i did whilst taking gnvq art in 6th form :D
gothic homer is now complete will upload tonight at home next will be a grim reaper! homer that is!

homer is now complete, just need to do the finishing touches, but taking a break from it, going to start something new tonight and homer the grim reapaer wont happen for a while!

he is now complete! woo! 3 days of hard work!
woo, just started designing homer simpson but in another style than the regular homer - this homer is a GOTH!!!!!
im new to this malarky i was referred by shes an ace cartoonist i should have more images coming soon and im going to draw more images in my spare time, i also build my own websites i currently have two: and check them out and rock on!