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concept by di0xygen and camelhijackation, writing by di0xygen, css by rocksicle, editing/supervising by halfliquid


Create a pixel scene of a dream you had, or a dreamy situation. The atmosphere can be of any age (Primal age, dark age, roman, egyptian or even today) or world (Fantasy, sci-fi, horror). The piece is suggested to have a little written story explaining the dream or the dreamy situation. There no word limit set in stone but do keep in mind we don't want to spend the entire day reading a novel!


  • The subject should be a dream you had or a dreamlike situation you've imagined.
  • It is mandatory for the submission to be completely pixelart. No filters used, no gradient tool, no smudge, blur or any other tools excluding a 100% opacity brush, eyedropper and floodfill. Submissions that make use of techniques innappropriate for pixelart will be disqualified.
  • There is a size limit of 76800 pixels, but the dimensions can be whatever you choose as long as the total pixel count is 76800 or less. For example: 768 x 100 or 320 x 240.
  • There is a color limit of 56, although you can use less if you want. Please state how many colors you've used in the deviation description.
  • The submission must have a background (castle, desert, clouds etc.), which means we don't want a object floating on a transparent background. Every pixel must be filled!
  • If you wish, accompany your submission with a small story in the description that explains the dream depicted in the piece. Suggested word limit is 150, but feel free to write more!
  • It may or may not be animated, it's up to you.
  • Submissions must be made into Contests -> Dreaming in Pixels


First place - 1 year sub + 50 deviantDOLLARS™.
Second place - 6 month sub + 30 deviantDOLLARS™.
Third place - 3 months sub + 15 deviantDOLLARS™.

Contest Ends:

1st February 2006. Starting at article posting date and finishing 1 month and a half after

There is a limit of two submissions per person, although we strongly suggest you only submit one and put all your effort into that instead of submitting two. The second one is only if you felt you messed up. And, obviously, you can't win twice either!


:icondi0xygen: :iconcamelhijackation: :iconhalfliquid: :iconsharkdesign: :iconrocksicle:

If you have any questions about the contest, feel free to post them within this article for one of the above judges to respond in due time. Feel free to note any of the above individuals as well.

Have fun!

© 2005 - 2021 rocksicle
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Wow... it's over. I posted it and it is everybit as bad as I thought it would be. I figured I could get better quality with one shot of the scene but I really needed the whole deal... I can't believe how much time I put into my horrible entry. =)
Germille's avatar
my entry... here :)


(also, my first pixel art of more than 50 x 50 pixels :P)
spawnofallevil's avatar
hmm nice i had a dream last night....
Will-E-H's avatar
definantly deserves a look
Aenjel's avatar
CaptainMwahaha's avatar
Hey, finally, i've done it : [link]

I have a question, can i submit 2 entries for the contest ? Thankes for the answer ^____^
confusedkitten0854's avatar
I was wondering, I use MS paint for pixel art. Is the pixel spray paint can allowed to be used for this?
confusedkitten0854's avatar
finally!!! WOOT! I am a pixel artist definitly...I do others, but I love pixel art. um...how do I enter it? Im really dumb and I need more info like links or an address or something. thanks a bunch.
confusedkitten0854's avatar
I need a more detailed discription of what to do..i know how to pixel art but where to i submit or how do I do that for the contest ( knows how for reg, submit) thanks a bunch.
confusedkitten0854's avatar
ok ok I see where it is..its in the submition area..duh lol :D
Lord-Hiro's avatar
Hmm....never done pixel art before.....might as well give it a shot! :D
I'll see what I can do XD
celinh0's avatar
are erotic dreams allowed?
augustoffline's avatar
I think they've covered this "even X-rate dream would do as long as the drawing aint x rated" [link] via =di0xygen =)
augustoffline's avatar
It's okay... I was following it from the start so I knew what to do a text search for =)
celinh0's avatar
ops, i had missed this part
my bad.
selfrighteoussuicide's avatar
Why in the world camel would you ask me to consider joining and face utter humiliation o.o? *hides from camel* nyah you will never find me or the stolen pixels >:D
Leohey's avatar
tenchi-no1-fan's avatar
im going to try to do this.... he he, this is going to turn out really bad!
Meow33's avatar
can you submit twice? like you made a mistake on your first submission?


:pepsi: for :twocents:?
if you made a mistake in your first one, just edit the first one.

you are given the chance to submit two different ones, not two of the same kind, with different additons.
secretbear's avatar
i wud love to see more entries ...there should be some way i can put this in my journal ie. some sort of stamp/thumbnail ...:please:
Blackmago's avatar
get ready to see my two submissions :giggle: they will be so dreammy :giggle:
secretbear's avatar
ooh ur submitting two?? cuteness!! :w00t:
i have one, in my journal
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