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The ultimate chill couple.
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Rockor's origin
:iconrockor9:Rockor9 6 5
                              Rockor meets Spider-Man
Spider-Man glanced at Rhino. "Yes I Kept my kaiju strength." said Rockor noticing how surprised Spider-Man was. Rhino disappeared heading back to New York.
Spider-Man, and Rockor seemed to be walking for days running into invisible wall like structures, lined with electricity.
Spider-Man having over come the shock stayed off the walled structures.
A light shown ahead of them as Rockor, and Spider-Man got closer.
Dinosaurs mined their areas.
Rockor started running as he knew what the light was.
"I cannot allow you or Spider-Man to return to your time." said a voice
Dinosaurs started closing in on our heroes eye glowing red.
"Who is that?" Spider-Man asked as being appeared in front of the time portal.
The walled structures faded within the wall.
"You can call me Sintar." said the figure blocking the way home.
"Let me guess you control these dinosaurs." said Sp
:iconrockor9:Rockor9 6 56
                                 Rockor meets Spider man
Spider-Man was fighting a mutated Rhino, When a space anomaly engulfed him and Rhino.
Spider-Man woke as a dinosaur kaiju stared down at him.
The anomaly had caused Spider-Man to sleep not knowing where he was?
Rockor changed to human form. Having been separated from Taris, and his kids.
Both of them didn't know where they were.
Rockor helped Spider-Man up when Rhino charged at them.
Spider sense warned him of Rhino's charge leaping on a wall.
Rockor yelled for Spider-Man to get off wall.
Rockor's was to late; In saying as Spider-Man was shocked.
"What is this place." said Rockor
It seemed to be a wall that housed dinosaurs.
Spider-Man jumped to his feet, Still feeling the jolts running through his body.
Rhino was out cold from one punch of Rockor.
Rockor wondered who was behind this. Extending his hand in friendship telling Spider-Man his name.
:iconrockor9:Rockor9 7 28
Shelly redesign by Rockor9 Shelly redesign :iconrockor9:Rockor9 14 22 Team Rocks eyelashes by Rockor9 Team Rocks eyelashes :iconrockor9:Rockor9 6 30 Team Fossilites eyelashes by Rockor9 Team Fossilites eyelashes :iconrockor9:Rockor9 6 12 Team Fossilites by Rockor9 Team Fossilites :iconrockor9:Rockor9 5 48


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here is Terrorgaze's wife 
the shards on her are ice that's why I left them white 
she has psychic and ice ability 
can stand on her hind feet
she's 200 feet on all four legs
she's taller on hind legs
she can summon ice from hands and mouth 



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

i'm having problems locating fossils is there any way to get the other fossil's when you nearly beat the game 


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Brian D cole
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
i'm a 45 year old person that like videogames and talking to my friends


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