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Ghostbusters Comic Request 10

A comic starring Futura and Jessica from a Filmation cartoon called Ghostbusters (no relation to the 1984 movie or the animated spin-off The Real Ghostbusters), which shows them going through the same transformation sequence that Jake and Eddie went through.
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Sure. Not a problem. 
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My only problem with the comic is that I wanted Futura to be wearing the outfit she wears in the show, like she has on in this picture.…

I didn't want her wearing a duplicate of Jessica's outfit.  But that's okay.  It's easy to assume that she just didn't feel like wearing it today.  Really, that's a nitpick at most.  Please understand, I still love this comic and appreciate all the hard work you put into it.
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Thank you and sorry about that. The pictures you sent me had her wearing the outfit so I thought You'd like both of them in the same outfit. 
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It's really no big deal.  Eventually (as in, a very long time from now), I'd like you to do another comic featuring these two so Futura can be wearing her signature outfit then right?